Dido On SNL and VH1 Info

Thanks to Roswella for this :)

I just wanted to let you know that Dido will be performing with Eminem
on the Saturday Night Live Season Premiere on October 7!!

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Eminem is getting to work on the video for his next single off of The
Marshall Mathers LP. The video for “Stan” will come in two forms, one
MTV-ready clip and another twenty-minute version. Both clips will feature
British singer/songwriter Dido, whose voice Eminem sampled for the track.
Dido is expected to play Stan’s girlfriend. The two will team up for the song
on a few of Eminem’s upcoming tour dates including the Oct. 22-23 and 29
dates in New York and Detroit, respectively. But the partnership doesn’t end
there — Eminem and Dido also will perform together on Saturday Night Live’s
season-opening episode on Oct. 7 . . .

Thanks to Rockybeach for this :)

I am not sure if you had this up or not, but Dido made the next cute for the
VH1 awards. You can now vote for the top 5 finalists for a category and she
is up for Best-Kept Secret artist. So everyone go vote!! How awesome could
it be if she won?? Just go vote at VH1 and make sure you get registered. That’s it