Dido Information

Thanks to fackler for this:

The local store where I obtain DVD’s included this DVD announcement in their
weekly mailing.

Dido: Here With Me/Thank You (DVD Single)

“Here With Me” is the flagship track from her current debut album, “No
Angel” (20 weeks on the Billboard 200 Album chart, certified RIAA gold in
August) and the provocative theme song of the WB’s popular sci-fi series,
“Roswell.” The video was directed by Liz Friedlander, whose “Buzzworthy”
track record includes Alanis Morissette’s “You Learn,” Harvey Danger’s
“Flagpole Sitta,” and REM’s “The Great Beyond.” The DVD’s second track is
Dido’s live performance of “Thank You,” her track that was sampled by Eminem
on his controversial “Stan” from “The Marshall Mathers” EP. Live performance

BMG Dolby Digital Stereo List Price $9.98 Due in 11/21/2000
Discount price $7.98

Thanks to Stella for this:

Hi guys! On the new Jones Soda label for their BugJuiced flavored drinks,
they have the picture of Dido’s album cover on it. It says her name and No
Angel. It’s really cool, you should all go pick it up!

Thanks to Jewel1315 for sending this in :)

I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but the latest issue of Rolling
Stone has an article about Dido. It’s about a page long and talks about her,
her past and her former band.

Thanks to Erosin. Keep voting everyone:

I just voted in the VH1 “My Music Awards” and discovered that Dido has been nominated in the “Best-Kept Secret” category. So far she is second behind The Corrs, so I think Roswell fans should show their support and go vote for Dido!

Thanks to Stacie for this:

Quote- “British Songstress, Dido, teamed up w/ rap star Eminem, Limp Bizket,
and Papa Roach in Anger Managment tour.”