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Benz To Trouble Angel

Julie Benz, who has appeared in several hit WB genre series, told the IGN
Sci-Fi Web site that Darla, the vampire she plays on Angel, isn’t evil. “I
really think she’s misunderstood,” Benz told the site. “You know, [Darla and
Angel’s relationship] is the typical story of girl meets boy, they fall in
love, he kills her.”

Benz will reprise Darla in the upcoming season of Angel. She has also
appeared as the vamp in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as the ill-fated FBI
Agent Topolsky in the teen alien series Roswell.

Benz said Darla will create trouble this year for Angel, played by David
Boreanaz. “I think they really like me,” she said. “I think that they felt
that they killed me off too soon in the first season of Buffy, and there
[are] a lot of unresolved issues between Darla and Angel that are going to be
revealed and somehow resolved. And I have a great relationship with [Buffy
creator] Joss [Whedon] and [Angel executive producer] David Greenwalt and
David Boreanaz, so … I was going back last year for the flashbacks, and I
think they just thought it would be fun to bring me back from the dead.”

As for her character in Roswell, who was apparently killed off last year,
Benz said, “They never found her body. I think it’s up in the air. … I have
this fantasy that she’s hiding out in, like, Venice, Italy [laughs]. She’s
just hiding out, relaxing, and ran away from the FBI. And she’s living in
some villa, having a grand old time.”