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Oxygen Cast Appearance, Katherine and Colin Appearances

Thanks to Js2004 for sending this in :)

Three of the Roswell cast member were on the show Trackers on the Oxygen
Network. Katherine,Brendan,and Jason were all answering random questions.
Also there was Popular’s Lesile Bibb, Carly Pope, Christopher Gorham and Anel
Lopez-Gorham, and Angel’s David Boreanz. The segment was called WB Upfront .
Check you local listings for reapeat of the show Trackers, or go to
Trackers Website to

Thanks to Chaz for this :)

I was looking at the WPIX site, and they mentioned that Colin would be on their morning show this week..sorry..not sure of the date Note From Mandy: I’ll check with PIX and try to find out. I’m thinking it might be Monday because of the show’s premiere date

Right from AREA 51, it’s Colin Hanks here in NYC ready to kick it alien-style

WPIX New York

This comes from me…Katherine is scheduled to be on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ next week. I am assuming it will be Monday because of the show’s return that night but will try to find out for sure