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Teen People Issue for November 2000

In Star Tracks their is a picture of Maj and Bren holding each other at the
Pasadena, California party :)

Star Woes Brendan talks about his most embarassing moment ;)

Then you can vote for Jason and Shiri on the “Clash of the Titans” a poll on
who is your favorite male tv star and fav female.

And last but not least Katherine Heigl is on the Question of the month “Whats
your Lucky Charm”

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16 Magazine November 2000 Pg. 25
Pinup – Totally Terrific TV Guys Pictures of:

Iam Somerhalder Young Americans
David Boreanz – Angel
Rodney Scott – Young Americans
Frankie Muniz – Malcolm In The Middle
Bryce Johnson – Popular
Brendan Fehr – Roswell
Kyle Howard – Grosse Point
Jason Behr – Roswell


EntertainmenTeen Nov 2000

Pg. 39 Long N Lovely Costars

Roswell: (both actresses pics included) with description below:
Katherine Heigl pulled a few long tresses back to produce a tousled look.

Majandra Delfino wore her long hair back dramatically.


Teen People
November 2000

Clash of the Titans Readers Choice Poll

Jason Behr nominated Favorite Male TV Star
Shiri Appleyby nominated Favorite Female Star
Roswell nominated TV Show You Can’t Live Without


Colin Hanks
featured in CosmoGirl November 2000 gettadate

“Roswell cutie Colin Hanks (yes, son of Tom!) gives answers to your puzzling questions”

**colin answers some questions from readers about guys**