Brendan FehrLeading

Brendan Fehr in January 2001 Expose

Thanks to SciFiFan for sending this in:

10 Things You Never Knew About . . . Brendan Fehr
by Paul Spragg

1. Brendan Jacob Joel Fehr was born in New
Westminster, British Columbia on October 29 1977,
thereby making him 23.

2. Brendan was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
along with his two sisters. Interested in sports,
Brendan also harbored an unusual desire in one so
young: to become an accountant because of his aptitude
with numbers.

3. After a while, Brendan decided on a change of
career path: to teaching. However, he actually ended
up going into modeling.

4. After doing some work for local catalogue
companies, Brendan approached an agency. The manager
told him that he should give acting a try.

5. A week later, Brendan was auditioning for a small
guest role on Breaker High. He got it, and the end
result can be seen in the episode Taimara Has Two
Faces. After this, the acting bug bit, and given the
choice between starting studies to be a teacher at the
University of Manitoba and acting, Brendan chose the

6. Brendan has no problem with leaving acting behind
and returning to a possible teaching career. He says,
“If I’m out of a job, we’ll see if I’m really supposed
to be doing this acting thing. Hopefully I’ll be
talented enough to get another job. If acting’s not
what I’m supposed to be doing, then I’ll go back to
Canada and go back to school.”

7. Brendan has also done his share of commercials,
including Shell Canada, Champs Sports and a
cross-promotion with Levi’s and Roswell. His guest
appearances include episodes of NightMan, The New
Addams Family and two guest roles on Millennium: The
Pest House and Collateral Damage.

8. Brendan has appeared in TV movies, including Every
Mother’s Worst Fear and Our Guys: Outrage at Glen
Ridge. He has even made a couple of brief forays into
movies, turning up in David Nutter’s Disturbing
Behavior and briefly, before being blown up, in Final

9. Brendan was more than happy to join the main cast
of Roswell. “It was intelligently written,” he once
said. “It didn’t play down to the character or to the
audience. You had aliens as teens trying to hide the
fact that they were aliens. I didn’t have to make a
leap of faith. If you tell good stories and people
like the characters and want to go through an
experience with them, it doesn’t really matter what
the story is.”

10. Brendan isn’t a huge sci-fi fan, but claims that
working in Vancouver involves a lot of genre shows.
He’s staying with fantasy entertainment for a movie
about vampires called The Forsaken, due out next year