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Shiri may appear on Nickelodeon

Thanks to Mukooh for sending this in. It’s an article about Amanda Bynes but it mentions Shiri in it.

She’s Only 14, and Much More Than All That
Television: Amanda Bynes has her own variety show, preteens adore her, and films might be in her future.

By RACHEL FISCHER, Special To The Times

The crowd beyond the TV studio green room is wild with anticipation, chanting for the evening’s star. A few fans with connections are ushered in to shake hands with the performer, who graciously signs autographs. The audience cannot be put off, however, and after the giddy fans depart, it’s time for the object of worship to take the stage.
As the emcee calls her name, Amanda Bynes, 14, runs to the footlights to deafening cheers.
OK, so unless you have kids under 10 at home, you’ve probably never heard of Amanda Bynes. But among a certain segment of youngsters, especially girls, Amanda Bynes is it. As the star of the popular “The Amanda Show,” which airs Saturday nights on Nickelodeon, the pretty, chestnut-haired actress finds herself in the unique position of being the only teenager in memory to helm her own variety show, and an ambitious one at that.
Borrowing “Saturday Night Live’s” format, Bynes kicks off each episode with an out-of-costume monologue. From there, she morphs into everything from a wicked witch to a ditsy Eastern European immigrant to an obsessed fan in comedy sketches performed for a live audience–kind of like a funnier Meryl Streep for the carpool crowd. (Bynes gets backing from three other actors.)
The bits are surprisingly sophisticated, even to an adult. Going into its second season Oct. 7, the show is already the most popular broadcast or cable program in its time slot for its target demographic, 6- to 11-year-olds. The list of upcoming guest stars is awfully hip too, including “Felicity’s” Tangi Miller and “Roswell’s” Shiri Appleby.