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From: Suosikki Magazine 10/01
Text: Kenneth Hubbart/Celebritext
Translation: Veli Koljonen
Pics: Lehtikuva

Sensual Shiri Appleby: From shy student to actress

Scifi is far out of 22 years Shiri Appleby`s real life. At the side of “Roswell” she has maked her brake throught to movies. At her freetime she likes to rather read books than go to club parties.

What is your favorite thing that you do at your freetime ?

Shiri: When I am not at work the beach is my life. I also love to do shopping at Santa Barbara`s State Street. It is a really beautiful place and there is lot things to do. I start my free days with the breakfast at Malibu then I drive to Santa Barbara. When I visit Santa Barbara I must spent a half of the day at the beach!

Are you an party animal or couch potato?

Shiri: Couch potato is closer to truth I think. They can`t call me a party animal. I usually spend my freetime with my friends at some else places than clubs. Only place I thought I would go to check out is a karaoke bar that opens soon at my home street. I usually spend saturday nights watching TV.

How would you describe yourself ?

Shiri: Hmm.. At sundays I am like a new century flower child. I wake up early and I am going to market place to buy fresh flowers and cheese from farmers. I am not a lust sportler but some times I go to jogging or cycling. After a jog I go to home to make food, I get ready for next week and I go to sleep early.

People says that you have dependency on shopping is that true?

Shiri: No I am not dependency. Even that I enjoy shopping at mall. There is a big mall near of my parents home at Calabasas where we do go on saturdays to shop, eat and watch movies. There is also a good book store at there. I study english at the university and even that I am having a break from my studies I read a lot.

How long are you at your studies?

Shiri: Two years luckily over and two years ahead

Is it hard to connect work and studies?

Shiri: At the moment is impossible to connect them. I have a break on my studies because last year I did work nine months at “Roswell”. Then I started to film a movie. I just had two weeks holidays before we started to film “Roswell” again. This year it has been the same so I am very busy at the moment. I go back to studies at once when I have time to it.

What is your favorite school subject?

Shiri: Psychology

Do you have any time to hobbies at your free time?

Shiri: Of course. At summer I went to interrail to Europe. I photograph much and I am learning to play guitar. My favorite hobby is playing backgammon. I play it always when I have a change to do so.

Is it true that now days your are really love to animals?

Shiri: It is true. I have always liked to know what it is like to be a vet, but when cat bited me when I was young I have been avoiding animals. Then I went to vet`s office to help out. It was a great opportunity to me to face my fear. When I was at there I did anaesthetize three dogs. I really do appreciate the work that they are doing. The people are real heroes over there which save lifes. My work is just entertaiment.

You haven`t buyed a own dog?

Shiri: No but I have a cat. keeping dog would take too much time from me.

People talks lot about the romances at “Roswell” but do you have a time for your own romances?

Shiri: Unfortunately no

Are you as happy about the return of “Roswell” that the fans are?

Shiri: Of course! I am a fan of lot of series myself. I haven`t do the same thing that our fans did to us myself to save different series. I am really grateful to our fans. It is really complimentary that someone likes to watch what we do all the days. Moreover my own work is a earning of our fans. Without their love the serie would be over.

Have you ever been in contact with your fans? They has own Roswell parties as well.

Shiri: They have fan parties all the time. I have visited some to thank them. We see our fans everywhere. Sometimes they are watching the filmings too.

Isin`t that scary sometimes?

Shiri: No because fans are normal people as we casts are too. We talk and thank them from they support and fans thank us. It is really fun.

What does your fans say to you when you meet them at streets?

Shiri: Usually they asks do Max and Liz go back together. Our characters has go trough every possible troubles and things at past two years and they have find out that there is real love between them. Viewers would like to see Max and Liz happy together.

Liz should be happy?

Shiri: Or at least not to cry anymore. I would like to play the smile and happy side of Liz myself. I really hope that is the way in the near future.

Do chemistry work between you and Jason?

Shiri: Yes. They has always worked. I would not want to analyse because then it could disappear. It`s like you started to analyse your first love and notice that feeling is gone. Everything started at that moment when we did get ready for our first filming and Jason arrived to place and watched me and said: “Hi! Nice to meet you!”. Then it happened. We did have the chemistry right from the beginning. It surely tells something about our chemistry that people still likes to watch it after a two years.

Do you have a favorite moment at filming some scene?

Shiri: It is a one from season 1 that episode where Liz and Max kissed at the first time. We were dancing and just started to giggle. Soon Jason started to laugh while we were dancing. He did inspire that. It was a one of those rare moments that it did feel like Max and Liz did really enjoy in company of each others. It is a real rare scene in this serie. It was a clue to me to think what kind of relationship they would have in the future.

What is your all time favorite episode?

Shiri: at this time it is Pilot. Then all different characters did form “Roswell family” at the first time. It was interesting to see all different people strangers to each others to fall in love and it is where everything started. The episode was sincere and genuine.

Did you wish that Roswell would return to Season 3?

Shiri: Of course! But as an actress I was ready for both ways. Serie has turned my career to up and if the script keeps that way that it has been I am happy to be in the serie.

Are you in the same lines with many casts and viewers that there were too much scifi at the last season?

Shiri: Absolutely. Love and feelings are really important and best sides of the serie. Elegance is in that the characters are totally in love with each others. Every time that they do more scifi the feeling side suffers. I really hope that they find the way to balance theese two things in the next season.

What would you like to see at Season 3?

Shiri: I would really like to see Max and Liz together. As an actress it would be interesting to know what kind they are when they are dating.

What side of your character you haven`t been able to show?

Shiri: Her independence. Liz is a slave of her love and runs after a one man. At the later episodes Liz has showed her strength and I wish that they are going to keep that way on.

Are you fighting for this?

Shiri: Yes… (giggles)

It did feel that at the start of Roswell Liz was a central character when they did do more scifi Liz was more on the back side. Were you angry about it?

Shiri: At the first it did bother me. But it is the fact that I am in a part of the serie which has many great characters and good casts. It is more interesting to viewers to see how every characters life does develope. Moreover at the new episodes they are going to concentrate to Liz and Max again.

Did you work last summer?

Shiri: I did do a movie called Swimfan85. Besides of me in main parts are played by Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen. It is a really great movie! The premier is at next fall.

I have heard that you did some dangerous scenes at Swimfan85 filming?

Shiri: I was 9 foot under water surface handcuffed on the chair. I have to teach myself to dive. I was at water half hours at a time after filming and I did get oxygen between the cuts. One cut taked ten to fifteen seconds. It was really scary but a lot of bunch of adrenalin. It was a great to do my stunds at the first time. It was calm to know that every time there was four diver near to me with oxygen tanks if something would go wrong.

Was the filming a movie a different experince tha filming “Roswell”?

Shiri: I did do a character that was possibly different than Liz. Because it we did film a movie instead of TV serie I did learn more about acting. We did have a good work relationship with Jesse Bradford. We did enjoy spending time with eact ohters and our chemistry did work find.

When they did introduce “Roswell” first time to world you was little scared where you?

Shiri: I asked Jason to answer in every question. I did literaly say: “Answer to everyone, I don`t know what to say”. I were just finishing my exams and at the moment you should have been able to answer to questions that you did ont know your points of view! Now I know that I am a professional. You have to grow fast at this career. Mistakes happens to everyone and you can learn from them. At this point everyone ha been really supportive and I have growed fast.

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