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Colin Hanks “Rosie” Transcript

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Rosie: I meet the next guest when he was in seventh grade hanging out on the
set of “A
league of their own” with his dad now he’s all grown up and staring on the TV
(clip from Roswell Skin and Bones)
ALEX: Oh, look! “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” is playing at the Revival
at the fairgrounds.
ISABEL: You know, Alex, maybe you should see what you can find out about
ALEX: Sure. Look, there are 4 showings on Saturday.
ISABEL: We’re not going to a movie, Alex.
ALEX: Yeah, right.
ISABEL: Alex, I’m sorry. You know it’s not you. It’s just that with everything
happening, everything on my mind, I can’t think about being with a guy right
now. You
know, any guy.
GRANT: Excuse me. Uh, sorry. I didn’t mean to…
ISABEL: N-no. You’re fine. We’re…
GRANT: Uh, Grant Sorenson.
ISABEL: Isabel Evans.
ALEX: Alex Whitman.

Rosie: Please welcome Colin Hanks. All right so I’m very very close friends
with your
step mother.
Colin: Yes.
R: I’m reading the notes two nights ago. I go, that’s so funny it’s the same
name as Tom
and Rita’s kid, and I didn’t even know you were on this show. Colin.
C: I’m working
R: When did you get into this acting thing.
C: I got into it professionally like two years ago. I’ve been doing it since I
was a little kid.
You saw me on the summer vacation in seventh grade. I had to go back and do
seventh grade play. Go back to school, so I’ve been doing it for a while.
R: You grew up on the set of so many movies. I know with “A league of their
C: I haven’ seen you in so long.
R: Has it been that long?
C: It’s been about nine years.
R: Hard to believe.
C: I was a little tyte. She was really sweet to me, we used to play that hat
flipping game.
Cause we would always be wearing hats she would sneak up behind me and flip my
off. And at the end when I had to go off back to school the crew got me this
nice little
shirt, do you remember what you wrote on that shirt.
R: No.
C: You didn’t write I’m going to miss you or what ever, you wrote, 25 to 17 I
C: And that was it.
R: That sounds like me. Because I’d sneak up behind you when you were eating
a hot
dog. and boom.
C: (cant make it out) I’m up five, I’m up five.
R: That was me, exactly. So where did you go to collage.
C: I went to Loyola Mary Mont Univercity out in LA
R: And how did you do.
C: I did okay i just sort of did I mean I just went to college for the social
part of it.
R: Right and sure.
C: I was hoping I’d have something cool to move onto, so I went and did my
classes and stuff like that.
R: And what about your dad is he proud of the acting thing.
C: Ya he’s proud I’ll get a call every once in a while. “Hay I saw you on the
show and that
thing you did with the milk shake that was good we’re having Chinese food for
come on over.” He sort of hangs up the phone he’s a sweet heart, he’s proud
of me.
R: He’s a dad. So what about you sister does she have acting aspirations
C: No I think she want to be a writer. She started a little magazine in LA
and she’s doing
the writing thing, she’s doing her own thing.
R: Now are you getting recognized when you go out I know that show unbearably
C: You know a little I don’t get it too much. And luckily, I’ve had some
embarrassing moments. Last week I went to the gas station and I put the
nozzle in the
tank, went in to the station got my Gatorade came out Drove out of the gas
station with
the nozzle still in my tank. There were like thirty people there waiting to
get gas and I’m
like please, please no one recognize me. This was the one time I’m like no
please, and
thankfully no one recognized me.
R: Was the gas everywhere.
C: Ye I was sitting there driving and like thunk, and I look in my side mirror
and I notice
the handle is broken and lying on the ground. I see like the cashier like
come running out,
and taking the tank there was gas spewing every where, He’s like “go get a
rag, get a rag!”
C: So I’m running in the garage and I can’t find anything to fill up the hole
and he was
yelling at me.
R: At least you stopped some people would just have taken off.
C: Well the first thing after he finished making the gasoline stop comming out
he grabbed
the recite to make sure he had my name and everything. I had sit behind you
know right
him next to the register and everyone’s paying for their gas. I’m going like
my drivers
licence number is b something you know I like sitting there with a dunce cap
on, everyone
is going “Hay, that’s the guy that drove out with the nozzle still in the
gas tank”
R: Now your never do that again.
C: No I learned my lesson.
R: I remember you have a bad hand injury to.
C: You know you think you hand injury is embarrassing I fractured my wrist
sacking. This was the very next year after a league of their own.
R: Now isn’t that the little bag.
C: Ya it’s like a little bag filled with beans and every one stands around in
a circle and
kicks it and these professional hacky sackers… There are in fact
professional hacky
R: Who knew.
C: Who knew I’m sure it was a Olympic sport I’m sure NBC just didn’t cover it.
And I
was inspired by these professional hacky sackers so we got group of guys and
we’re hacky
sacking we’re doing great: And this one guy kick it very high in the air and I
ran to get it,
and I didn’t notice I went from the grass to the cement. And I lean out and
rolls of my foot and I go Yea, and I fall back and break my wrist on the
R: Oh how long did you have the cast.
C: A couple of months.
R: Did you tell everyone hacky sacking
C: Ya, but everyone was like you must have been trying this very hard trick,
and I’m like I
was trying this back flip.
R: Your just like me. I go fishing and they always ask if you catch it. I go
we reeling that
baby in.
C: Exactly
R: I was taking the price tag off when I cut it. Moron my son was sitting
there like
“mommy will get it” it comes off and bomb right through my hand.
C: Well hay we’re being embellished now and we’re going out in a blaze of
R: Well it’s nice to see you all grown up and handsome and doing so well
little Colin
Hanks. If you had a hat on I’d whip it off you now.
C: There you go.
R: Great to see you and Roswell is on Monday nights on the WB at nine,
definitely tune in
to that it is a big big craze among the young people
C: They seem to like it.
R: They seem to like it. Thanks for being here.
C: Thank you for having me.
R: Colin Hanks.