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Teen Magazine – Roswell

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Teen magazine, November 2000 submitted by MyrnaLynne

Cover photo of Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr (in lots of leather)

“Roswell’s superstars – their revealing astrocasts”

Page 48-52 Group photo on p. 48, individual photos of Katie, Jason and Brendan with individual articles

“Heavenly Creatures” by Jodie Bryson

Is astrology for real? Or is it as debatable as the existence of aliens? We asked stargazer Susan Miller of Astrologyzone.go.com to chart the astro-stars of Roswell’s extraterrestrial trio

01. Angel-faced Sagittarius

It’s not her fault, but Katherine Heigl can make a girl feel so doggy and butt-ugly. The Connecticut native is beautiful, but so modest about it that you’re forced to like her because she’s undeniably down-to-earth (her most prized possession is her dog), good-natured and real. Here’s an example: When we told her she was gorgeous, she said, “You need glasses.” Welcome to the high-profile world of a fiery Sagittarius. Katherine is a textbook Sag: hard-working, sharp-tongued and a believer in the power of the stars.

Susan: “As beautiful as Katherine is, she is so much more than a pretty face. This girl is a thinker. She’s very detail-oriented, and can tackle any crisis knowing she can figure things out. She’s very responsible.”

Teen: “Is she describing you, Katherine?”

Katherine: “Depends. I’m definitely detail-oriented, and remembering my lines has always been very easy for me. I have to be organized for any kind of sanity and peace in my life. If I’m not, I feel very chaotic, like I’m not even touching the ground, like my world is just spinning. Right now my room is a mess and it’s driving me insane. I have this dresser that has a littler drawer in it, and I thought, ‘Oh, this is so cute, I’m going to use this as my secret drawer where I put all my special things like old love letters from boyfriends.’ But right now I’ve thrown crap in there and just shut it, so every time I open it things slide out. It’s killing me.”

Teen: “That’s not very Sagittarius of you, you know.”

Katherine: “I know!”

Susan: “Katherine is also a very public person. She’ll always be in the spotlight.”

Katherine: “That’s true. I don’t hide myself. I’m not very mysterious.”

Susan: “Then there’s Mars, hanging out in her house of creativity. This means her creative life dominates everything else.”

Katherine: “I’m very focused on working. I’m doing this sort of horror film with David Boreanaz [Angel] called ‘Valentine.’ I’m just going to really let loose and be terrified and scream at the top of my lungs.”

Susan: “Her mother is a very strong presence on her charts. There’s something here – it’s big – something her mother sacrificed or carried on her shoulders so that Katherine could be where she is today.”

Katherine [looking at her mom]: “Are you crying?”

K’s mom: “No.”

Katherine: “Don’t cry.”

K’s mom: “I’m not crying.”

Katherine: “Yes, you are.”

K’s mom [misty-eyes]: “Katherine’s older brother was killed when he was 15 and she was 7. It shifted everything. If the astrologer saw that, then this is legitimate.”

Katherine: “It created a bigger perspective in my life and I think I see things differently than other people my age. My career and living my life with passion are very important to me because I saw that life is precious. It drove my mother to be a big part of my career – it gave her sort of an escape from her reality for a while because life at home was pretty difficult after Jason died. It was so heavy all the time. But we connected on it – we wanted to work on my career together and let it take us away from the heaviness.”

Susan: “That connection is very prominent in your chart! Now, in money matters, she’s a saver, cautious. She also likes precious stones.”

Katherine: “Hmm.. Actually, I am a saver… until I see something I like! I just bought this cashmere cape, and it’s the dumbest thing I could have bought because I live in California! But I had to have it. I slept on it and everything.”

Teen: “You slept on the cape? You really were in love with it.”

Katherine: “I slept on the decision to buy it! I didn’t sleep on the thing. But she’s right about the jewelry – it’s my new thing. Two years ago I bought this really beautiful ring with my birthstone, topaz. And my watch! See? It’s got diamonds all around it.”

Teen: “Glamorous! OK, let’s end your reading by describing what superpower you’d have if you really were an alien.”

Katherine: “I’d fly. I love the sky. I love the stars, I love the clouds. It would be awesome to be up there. Maybe I’d fly all the way to Paris. Just hang out, eat the food and watch the people. I don’t do the tourist thing. I’d fly to France and just be in Paris.”

02. Cosmically-cool Capricorn

Jason Behr has a serious shy-guy quality. He’s soft-spoken, watchful, and has a smart, reflective way of responding to questions. He also thinks astrology can foresee his life’s path about as accurately as stepping on a crack will break your mama’s back. But that didn’t stop us from charting what the stars have to say about this guarded non-believer.

Susan: “Jason is a Capricorn, so he’s cautious by nature. He’s reserved, careful and doesn’t do things on impulse.”

Jason: “I’m into fast cars. I like to go fast. I drove a stock car once up at California Speedway. There’s something about the fact that you’re that close to death that I like. The speed and going so fast…. Some people don’t like it. I do.”

Teen: “What’s the ultimate car?”

Jason” “Porche. Germans make nice cars.”

Susan: “Jason is very loyal, nurturing and big-hearted.”

Jason: “My dog, an Akita, is like my kid. His name is Ronin and he’s a big dog. I take him with me wherever I can. His name comes from a dark comic book I used to read when I was a kid. I had picked him out from a litter, but I had the name Ronin in my head for a long time, so he was named Ronin before he was born.”

Susan: “His planets are in the money house and he was born with Pluto on the mid-heaven, which is unbelievably amazing for career success. He’s all about television or the Internet.”

Jason: “I’m into movies. Sometimes people forget about old movies, and so our generation, I don’t think, is that aware of them. Although it was a different style of acting back then, some of it might be perceived as over the top. But I think the classic stories and classic movies are very relatable today. I love ‘The Godfather.’ Power, family, loyalty. Those kinds of themes are important to me.”

Teen: “Do you ever feel limited by the demands of a television show?”

Jason: “We’re allowed some freedoms because we’re dealing with alien nature and not human nature. But we have to keep something that the audience can relate to in order to keep them emotionally invested. There is a lot of real human emotion in these characters.”

Teen: “Do you think Roswell equates the problems of being an alien with the problems of being a teen?”

Jason: “Those themes, alienation and feeling on the outside or misunderstood, thinking nobody really gets where you’re coming from, are the same. You’re constantly searching for yourself and your place in this world. Those things apply to just about everybody. But I think they most apply to adolescents. It’s not about finding a home so much as finding yourself.”

Susan: “Jason has to be careful when he’s doing business. There’s a possibility of miscommunication because his world view is different. He knows that everyone doesn’t think the same way, but he doesn’t know that everyone involved in his work isn’t always articulating what they have in mind.”

Jason: “Roswell is a lot of hard work, but there are times when I feel like the writing, the directing…it all just comes together. My favorite episode was the ‘White Room.’ The room itself was very small: no windows, one door. In this tiny room, there was crew, cameras, actors and props, and then I had to act as if I was in there completely alone. Nobody else. It was a long day, a very long process and very claustrophobic. I’m not claustrophobic, but it was a small, confined space.”

Teen: “When they’re directing you and you’re tired, in this box, hot and just over it all, are there any actor’s tricks you use to get the job done?”

Jason: “Once they shut the door to that room, there was no air. I don’t think anybody who was there in that room was bummed that there was an absence of bean dip on the set that day! But, OK, for the ‘White Room’ they had to pick me up and throw me in the room. Every time we did it, I’m telling the guy, “Don’t gently shut the clasp. I want you to slam it shut – shove my hand in the thing!’ Every time he did he pinched my skin. I was bleeding from my wrists, but it worked for the scene.”

Teen: “That’s intense. Tell us what superpower you would have if you really were an alien.”

Jason: “I’d fly. I’m sure it’s a very popular answer, but there’s a reason for it. It would be complete freedom.”

03. Supernova-sexy Scorpio

Brendan Fehr is the kind of guy who scares shy girls. His looks don’t hurt, he doesn’t have a problem saying what’s on his mind and his reclined interview posture says he’s not at all worried what anyone is thinking about him. He’s also used to getting what he wants: a hot TV gig, movie roles (he just finished a vampire flick, ‘The Forsaken’) and our bet is that the ladies don’t ignore him, either. Hyper-confident, sometimes even a bit arrogant, Brendan was ‘willing’ to see what future glamour the stars predicted for him.

Susan: “Brendan is a Scorpio, which explains the tremendous sex appeal. He also has his moon, Gemini, in publicity. People are literally beating down his door, but it’s only the beginning.”

Brendan: “You can keep going.”

Susan: “Brendan also has so many planets in the second house, the house of money. He’s going to be a very wealthy man.”

Brendan: “I don’t think it’s the stars and the planets that give me my money. And of course she’s going to say I’m getting tons of publicity, since I’m on the cover of Teen magazine.”

Teen: “Excuse you, but we didn’t give Susan any details of your lives before she did these astrocharts.”

Brendan: “If the magazine takes the time to do a story on me, that’s a pretty good assumption.”

Teen: “Susan’s just saying there’s all this planetary action in your money and fame houses.”

Brendan: “So I have no choice but to be successful? Every kid has the opportunity to do OK.”

Teen: “Well, of course. But before this turns really salty, tell us what your most prized possession is.”

Brendan: “Are we talking material possession? I don’t know. There’s stuff I’d be pissed if I lost, but not one thing in particular.”

Teen: “Try it this way: Your house is on fire and you to put some stuff in a backpack and get out fast. What are you going to throw in your pack?”

Brendan: ‘My Metallica CD. [Grinning – he’s messing with us!] All the important stuff I’ve got in my head – that’s good enough. I think I could get rid of pretty much anything and not be upset.”

Susan: “Brendan has Uranus conjunct to the sun almost exactly, which means he’s a brilliant thinker. He’s someone who’s not going to follow society’s rules. And with Virgo rising, he can get things done.”

Brendan: “That’s true. Nothing feels out of reach. Acting was never something I strived for, so it’s not a dream come true for me. It’s a totally kick-ass job and it’s neat [great? his shoe is covering the word] and fun and the money’s there, but there are a whole bunch of other problems that come with it. People can get things done but they’re lazy. And it’s not because their moon is in the wrong house. That’s funny; I’d love to meet someone who blamed their apathy on the fact that they don’t have a moon in the house of Virgo.”

Teen: “Your moon is in Gemini as a matter of fact.”

Brendan: “Which means what? Whatever, blame it on the stars.”

Susan: “This is Brendan’s year! He’s going to be offered some really significant roles and make a lot of money. Over the next 12 months, he gets all the right roles.”

Brendan: “Rad.”

Susan: “Brendan doesn’t have any time for love for a couple of years. There are some sexy, lovely flirtations and sparks, but in terms of the really serious romance, it’s a bit off until summer 20003. But the girl he meets is gong to knock his socks off.”

Brendan: “So she’s saying in 2003 I’ll meet some girl who’s going to rip my heart out? I don’t have time for a girlfriend? If you happen to be in love with someone then you make time, regardless of whether you have it or not.”

Teen: “So are you making time now?”

Brendan: “Let’s go back to the rich, great-thinker part.”

Teen: “Let’s just find out what superpower you’d want to have if you really were an alien.”

Brendan: “The strength of a spider, like Spiderman, because he’s my favorite. He’s witty, he’s funny, he’s very sinewy and muscular, and he’s a regular guy.”

Teen: “But he can’t fly and he doesn’t really have a power. He can just shoot webs from his hands.”

Brendan: “No, actually, he’s got a strap-on mechanism thing that he’s got to put web capsules in. He makes them – that’s why he runs out sometimes. He’s got to dig into his belt and put another on in there.”

Teen: “That explains the big buckle.” [BF has an enormous silver belt buckle]

Brendan: “I just figured ‘belt buckle, man.’ I bought it doing ‘The Forsaken’ in Arizona. Now I’m addicted to it.”