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Seventeen Magazine, Nov 2000

p. 146 Backstage Pass: Spill it!
What was your most memorable Halloween Costume? [photo of BF in wool hat]

Brendan Fehr (Roswell) –
“The old Groucho Marx glasses-and-nose. My friends and I just put them on and wore our regular clothes. We scored a lot of candy.”

p. 160 Backstage pass: Returning Faves [teeny first season cast photo]

Roswell, WB, 9:00 p.m. EST

Max and Liz fans beware: “There’s going to be more sci-fi this season,” says a WB spokesperson. Which means less time for romance. Max and company will be trying to figure out where they came from-and looking for other aliens.

also on p. 160, Q&A with Emilie de Ravin and photo of same.

Entertainment Weekly #563 Oct 13, 20000

Television: What to Watch, p. 67 submitted by MyrnaLynne

9-10 ROSWELL (The WB, TV-PG-DLV) The UFO museum’s new curator means new trouble for the alien cutie-pies.

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There is a photo of Brendan and Majandra in the Star Tracks section of Teen
People (cover: Charlie’s Angels)