Mishmash Of Roswell Information

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i don’t know if you would consider this news or not, but, Brendan Fehr is
nominated for sexiest tv star on CosmoGirl and saturday he was in second
place behind josh jackson, now he’s in 4th plce behind david borianaz and
scott speedman. Help is needed to up his placement. And to let anyone who
wants to vote in on a very big secret, if you hit the submit button
repeatedly you rack up more votes for him!

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Glued in

We know it’s a tough decision, but which season premiere are you looking
forward to the most?

Dawson’s Creek
That 70s Show

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just an FYI, katherine heigle is in the maxim calander. I havent
actually looked at the magazinne yet, but i think she is in the magazine
as well. I will say that the calander photo is extreme;ly reveaaling,
but doesnt quite show anything.