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Thanks to sunshine_sf for sending this in :)

I don’t know of you’ve already said this, but Roswell will be playing on
SPACE on Fridays at 9pm EST, and Saturdays, 5pm EST.

Thanks to Michelle for sending this in :)

Here’s some great news for all you Canadian viewers out there. Roswell
will not only air on Friday nights at 9pm on Space, but it will also air
on Monday nights on CityTv at 10pm (Check your local listings), starting
with the premiere episode of Roswell Monday, October 2nd. And for all
you fans who are unable to watch Roswell at these times, Roswell will
also repeat on Space Saturdays at 5pm.

Note: CityTv will air the Monday, October 9th episode of Roswell at 8pm
instead of 10pm.

Roswell premiere will air on Citytv on Monday, October 2nd at 10pm, and
then from there after it will air at it’s regular time which will be
Monday nights at 8pm.

Thanks to cmirc2k for sending in the update about Roswell in New Zealand :)

letter from official TVNZ(New Zealand TV2) staff!

Hi and thanks for your email. ROSWELL will return to TV2 next year however no confirmed schedule date is available at this time.


Leigh Wilson
TVNZ Communications

Thank you to franky + limpy chicken for sending this in :)

People like us in the colombus ohio broadcast area
dont get the wb instead we get upn53 which plays
the same shows (some of them) at different times.
roswell airs at 8:00 on saturday nights. we would
like everybody to just know about this issue.thanx!

Thanks to Samantha for sending this in :)

My friends and I are devout Roswell fans. Unfortunately, our cable network
here in Memphis, Tennessee has added the wb to abc station which after all is
said and done results in roswell coming on at 2:00 a.m.. This is going to
hurt ratings because no one will be able to watch it. This is driving us all
crazy, and unless we get something done about it , it will continue. IF we
could get something done , maybe send Time Warner complaints, or petition.
All of the wb shows come on after the abc staion airs, which puts all shows
on late night schedule. This is a huge problem in our area, and i know we
would all agree..

Thanks to Natasha for sending this in :)I ask that you try to help just like you did to get the show back for a second season in


We really hope you can help me.

We all love Roswell over here. We had the first season screened. However, I
have just rung the TV netwrok here in Australia which is called GTV Channel
9. They have said that they don’t know if they are going to make a bid for
it yet as the ratings were not very good last season.

I mean, they screened it at a good time slot for about 4 weeks and then
moved it to 11.30pm weeknights!!

Mandy Note-Here’s the addy if you want to help submit letters..

GTV Channel 9
General Television Corporation Pty Ltd
22 Bendigo Street
Richmond, Victoria 3121

Thanks to Sarah for this :)

Please try to help get Roswell in her area as well as other areas who may not get the show this year

I don’t know if this is really newsworthy, but I’m a big fan from up in Alberta, Canada and just realized that our Canadian network has decided not to show Roswell anymore! I think that in light of all that fans have done to save the show, this is an ultimate let-down. I’m pretty sure we’d need a satellite to even get the show anymore. I’ll be seriously depressed if we don’t get to see the new episodes I’ve been waiting for anxiously since the finale. Anyway, I’ve written to our network, CTV, about this and was wondering if there’s any way you could put the word out for us. A link to their comments website is attached below.

ust wanted to let you know how the show is doing over here in Sweden.

As you may already know, it airs on Fridays at 5.05 pm on Swedish
channel TV4. It’s really a lousy timeslot but it’s the best we can get
for now.
Last week, “Leaving normal” aired and 185 00 people watched it.
“Pilot” was seen by 162 000
“Morning after” – 187 000
“Monsters” – 136 000

Those ratings are pretty bad for such a good show as Roswell. :-( We’re
hoping to get them higher than this though! :-)

Hope this might be of some use for you! I’d be happy to keep updating
the ratings if you’d like me to.

Take care! :-)

Hanna Imeryd

TheSwedish Guide To Roswell