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Houston Chronicle: Brendan Fehr

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Oct. 17, 2000, 2:12PM

Fehr plays it cool as Roswell alien

Brendan Fehr is a here-and-now kind of guy.

His show, Roswell, nearly got the boot after last season. Only the zealous support of mailing fans saved the new sci-fi series from cancellation, but Fehr doesn’t like looking back.

“I think we were pretty close to getting axed,” he says. “I’m not sure we should have been that close. A lot of people watch Roswell — the right audience, the one the WB wants, watches the show.”

Fehr prefers to talk about the second season and what’s going on with our favorite teen aliens, Michael (Fehr), Max (Jason Behr) and Isabel (Katherine Heigl), as they attempt to understand their destiny and keep their identities a secret.