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B+T LIVE – Location and Time Change

A location change for the upcoming B+T Live has been announced yesterday. As you might have seen on our social media pages: The time of the event has been adjusted five days ago, too.

The event will now take place on APRIL 10th, at 2pm PST/5 EST on Instagram. Please don’t forget to mark your calendar!

In case you are not doing so already, please follow Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino on the social media platform now: &

You can easily find out at which time you have to tune in by checking out the day and time converter. The live event starts at 7am in Sydney, Australia, 10 pm in London, UK and at 11 pm in France, Germany and Poland.

Don’t forget that the auctions and raffles are going to close the day before. Click on the links in order to convert the time to your location and bid and partake in raffles and auctions for some really cool Roswell memorabilia and one of a kind B+T items:


April 9th, at 12am EST (MIDNIGHT)

APRIL 10th, at 2pm PST/5 EST *Time Change!!*

WHERE? *Location Change!!*

(bids, or raffle stuff):

You are new to Instagram? Here are the essentials. We hope to see you there! You can find us on Instagram @ crashdowncom

  • Follow Majandra and Brendan on Instagram: @majandrama & @unrealfehr
  • Log into your Instagram on APRIL 10th, at 2pm PST/5 EST
  • Click on the “home” icon in the menu on the bottom left.
  • Stories are available to view at the top of your screen with little circular profile pictures.
  • Once one of them goes LIVE, you’ll see the word “live” on the bottom to their name.
  • Click on the profile picture and join the LIVE
  • One of them has to invite the other into the live and the horizontal screen splits into two, so that you can see both of them.
  • If you are using your laptop or computer to view Instagram, the stories are in a box to the right of the screen.

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