Baron And Toluca

Today! – Instagram LIVE With Majandra and Brendan

Today is the day!

Who is going to ”take home“ one of the rare Roswell memorabilia or B+T items? We are going to find out today!

Majandra and Brendan are going to announce the winners of the raffles and the auctions today, APRIL 10th, at 2pm PST/5 EST on Instagram.

APRIL 10th, at 2pm PST/5 EST


Maybe you are one of the lucky winners? However it is certain, that all of us are winners, because all the proceeds are going into the B+T project which means we will all get to enjoy the pilot of Baron And Toluca in the near future!

Brendan and Majandra played a big part in making the first year of the pandemic in 2020 brighter and fun. Who knew that just less than a year later the B+T pilot would be funded 100% by dedicated fans? We did. And so did Majandra and Brendan. They believed in us and we believed in their passion project. We can’t wait for more to come, so continue sharing your passion, and remember: Everyone has a role. Thank you for playing yours!

In today’s live event we are going to find out some new information and the #dans that won those treasured items.

Be there, if you can! We certainly will and can’t wait!