LOAD tv report from the Roswell WB Wrap Party

LOAD tv report from the Roswell WB Wrap Party, April 14, 2000 transcribed by MyrnaLynne

Giuliana DePandi (interviewer): Hey, this is Giuliana here in
downtownLA at the Wrap Party for the WB’s Roswell, sponsored by Levis.

[scenes of the party – dj, dancing, photo of Shiri’s Levi ad]

Rodney Scott [Young Americans]: Look at this, I need a 501 jeans thing
goingon [shows 501 tattoo on his left shoulder] You see that? Levis?
Where are
you? Call me!

Jon Huertas [Sabrina]: Yo, I’m trying to get me a pair of 32-32s, I like to
wear mine a little baggy off the hip a little bit, you know what I’m saying,
I’m gonna feel nice and free.

Katie Heigl: I have my Levi’s jacket on, of course!

Nick Wechsler: I’m getting smashed. I’m crapping my pants and I’m
making a mess.

Marne Patterson [Movie Stars]: If there is an excuse for a party I’m sure
all, like, show up.

GD: I saw your date’s your Mom tonight.

Jason Behr: Absolutely – I couldn’t get a date. [Mom laughs] [show Roswell scenes/Levi ads]

Dorian Gregory [Charmed]: Why are we all here – to support a phenomenal
show,to support Warner Brothers. And just… I mean, we’re out with
everybody – the
most breautiful people, the most creative people, the most wonderful people.
That’s why I’m here – why are you here?

Julie Benz, William Sadler, Brendan Fehr, Emilie de Ravin [arms
aroundeach other like a chorus line, in unison]: We’re the cast of Roswell
and you’re

GD: Tell me a little bit about the season finale of Roswell.

Julie Benz: I’m actually not in the season finale – Mmmmm – you have to wonder why!

Brendan Fehr: It turns out to have a little twist to it.

Jason Behr: What we think is real is not, and – uh – we’re just
endingthe season on a very strong note.

GD: I heard you were one of YM’s 50 most beautiful guys [show
magazineon screen]… is that true?

Jason Behr: That’s the first time I heard that. That’s very
flattering… that’s.. very flattering.

Emilie de Ravin: I think it’s a fantasic show, and it’s just so
unique – there is nothing else that has that whole teen and sky-fi combined, which…
the sky-fi thing is really coming out, especially in the end of this season.

Colin Hanks: We all worked our backsides off to try and put the best
show out there. And I hope they feel that it’s something that they still want
do. Because G-d knows we are all really ready to come back.


Omar Gooding [Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane]: Do I believe it? Sure – I
won’trule out a thing. Because you never know – you know what I mean?

Rodney Scott [Young Americans]: I definitely believe that there is something
else out there. But I don’t think that they are in high school having
Jon Kassir [Three Stooges]: Guy in funny hat, makes funny face, and weird
sound effect: oooOOOooo.

GD: Are you a believer?

Nick Wechsler: Kind of – I feel ridiculous admitting it, but yes.

GD: Have you ever seen any UFOs or aliens in LA?

Terry J. Vaughn [Steve Harvey show]: Well… YEH! (laughs).

Jon Huertas [Sabrina]: I don’t believe in death – it hasn’t happened to me

Katie Heigl: It’s just much more interesting to live life thinking
there is more to this universe than just Earth.

Marne Patterson [Movie Stars}: I think there’s aliens all over the place in
yuh – like on the road in rush hour today.

[Cute graphic onscreen of little green aliens with briefcases standing around
in rush hour LA traffic]

Brendan Fehr: I’m always running from them.

Tamara Mello [Popular]: Everybody is an alien in LA – but I don’t know if
they’re from other planets.

Colin Hanks: They’re everywhere, it’s a weird town, man. You never
know, you never know

Emilie de Ravin: A lot of weird people I must say – it kind of
accumulates, I think, weirdness.