LeadingWilliam Sadler

William will star in indie movie “Jimmy & Judy”

William Sadler will star in the independent film “Jimmy & Judy”, according to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. On imdb.com he is listed as Uncle Rodney.

The project centers on two disillusioned youths who break free from the mindless life of suburbia by taking a road trip during which they record every violent episode with a digital camera. Furlong and Rachael Bella will play the titular protagonists. Newcomers Jon Schroder and Randall Rubin make their feature film debut on the project, which is filming in Kentucky. Furlong is best known for his debut role in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” His film credits include “Pet Sematary II,” “Before and After,” “Pecker,” “American History X” and “Detroit Rock City.”