Soap Opera Digest – Roswell

Thanks to MillikenCrawley for sending this in:
Hi was reading about my favorite soap when I encountered this delightful
article about Surprise.

Hit and Miss section.

Hit : Roswell’s suspense party.

It was Worlds from a happy birthday for Roswell’s angst-filled alien/human
hybrid Isabel in the sci fi drama well produced, highly suspensful oct. 16

From the moment she entered the surprise party her brother, Max threw for
her, she experienced incresingly vivid, and terrifying, flashes of her fellow
hybrid Tess being kidnapped.

The scenes leading up to Isabel’s brave rescue of Tess and the accompanying
revelations ( Tess’s captor- as well as the killer of the kids’ mentor,
Nasedo – was congressman Whitaker, who turned out to be an evil skin) were
masterfully constructed.

EVery character including two red herrings, ws in the right place at the
right time, throwing viewers off of the shocking truth.

The frosting on episode’s cake was the several moments of mirth. Including
Alex’s ridiculous striptease for Isabel, and her mother saying Isabel avoids
leaving the huse with a hair out of place, followed by a disheveled Isabel
dragging a battered Tess to safety.

Isabel was once a little more than a complaining obstacle for Max, Liz and
company, but her episode-closing monologue, in which she cried out to her
real alien mother ( long story) for answers showed her painful inner
conflict. The talented Katherine Heigl ( Isabel) has made her character
arguably the show’s most intriguing figure. *- Marc Wilkofsky.