Space – Top Ten Season Two Predictions

Thanks to Sheila for sending this in. Follow the link to read the Top 10 Predictions-there are links to other Roswell articles within the story so check them out as well.

Roswell: Top Ten Season Two Predictions
By Scott O’Callaghan
Special to
posted: 01:46 pm ET
02 October 2000

Yes, once again the intrepid reporters of SPACE.COM have been in the secret government files. Here’s our list of the things we’re absolutely, positively sure we’ll see in season two of Roswell.

10. We hear David Duchovny isn’t too busy these days. Maybe he can guest star as an FBI agent?

9. Cat-fight between Liz and Tess, Dynasty-style!

8. Special Guest Star: John DeLancie as “Q” — hey, it seems to work for Andromeda!

7. Maria spends 4,000 years in suspended animation, just so she can change her hair and emerge with a stringy long blonde do. And live underground and fight aliens with her midriff exposed. Yeah.

6. Alex’s band “The Whits” rides again – doing nothing but ABBA covers.

5. On that note, what if the Backstreet Boys come back? They’re all aliens. Evil aliens. But in this very special episode, they can play humans.

4. In the all-singing, all-dancing “Cabaret” homage, Kyle gets in touch with his sensitive side. Sponsored by Maybelline.

3. Julie Benz’s “Agent Topolsky” character escapes the Initiative and becomes a vampire in Los Angeles.

2. Alex gets some. Okay, we don’t believe that one either.

1. In the season finale, we learn the alien teens’ true species. They’re Gungans. “Meesa always love you, Liz!”.

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