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Transcript of Colin Hanks on WPST, 97.5

Thanks to bethany for sending this in.

Here’s the transcript of Colin Hanks on WPST, 97.5 this morning (10/9).
Mark (M), Chris (Ch), and Kent are all DJs, and Colin Hanks is just C.

Mark: Here he is…Colin Hanks!
Colin: Hello!
M: Hey!
C: Hey!
M: Hey Colin!
C: How’s it goin?
M: Hey man, how are you?
C: Good, how are you guys doin?
M: You know what?
C: What?
M: You have the same name as Tom Hanks
C: Uh, yes, my first name is Colin
M: Well I mean the last name…
C: Yes, I do
M: Any relation?
Chris: Now don’t tick him off Mark
C: A little…
M: Oh, I’m just being stupid
C: But you want to know what? I’m not the only one
M: I’m just being stupid Colin, I apologize
C: Oh, no, no, no…don’t worry about it.
Ch: Are you so sick of hearing, “Oh my god, you’re Tom Hanks’ kid?”
C: Uh…you really want the truth?
Ch: Yeah, I do want the truth
C: I’m very, very sick of it
M: Dad’s awesome
C: Well, yes, okay, here’s the thing. He is awesome, I mean, hey, I’m
not going to argue with you there. But, uh, I’m 22 years old, I’ve been
living on my own now for a couple years, it’s not like he’s making me my
box lunches to go to work.
M: {laughing} Right
C: Some people are like totally lost on that fact
M: {still laughing} Are you still doing laundry at home dude?
C: No, I’m not. I have my own laundry, my own washing machine, thank
goodness. Yeah, some people think he’s like helping me memorize my
lines before I go to bed at night. And I hate to disappoint people, but
that’s not the case.
M: My dad always went to work in the morning and came back in the
afternoon, and uh, we’d have dinner together…we’d sit and watch tv,
drink beer, fight, you know, beat each other up…
Ch: They were a weird family
M: But every night of the week…you know…your dad is gone off on
location, Europe some place for six months, you know, shooting a movie,
and it’s tough to have a regular relationship with pops.
C: Well, you know, it is kind of trying…it is kind of weird cause
sometimes when we want to get together we have to bust out, you know,
the old pilot factions (? – not sure if I got that right, they were all
laughing and it was hard to hear Colin), see how our day planer works
Ch: Right
C: But, with that said, we are a family, and when family gets together,
family gets together. And, you know, that is that. We get along fine,
and we make due perfectly.
M: Good
Ch: Did you grow up in a neighborhood of celebrity kids? Are you and
the Travolta’s hanging out, or anything like that? Who was your group
of friends, you know, your families group of friends?
C: Well I actually, although I did spend a lot of time with my dad in
Los Angeles, I uh, grew up…went to school in Sacramento, I lived there
with my mother, so I was in fact in Sacramento for a majority of the
Ch: So you weren’t around all the celebrities all the time?
C: No, not all the time. I would, you know, see my dad every other
weekend, and spend summers with him and stuff like that, but when it
came to what neighborhood I was raised in, I was raised in East
Ch: So when did you get the acting bug?
C: Um, hey, playing with my transformers when I was a little kid, that
was the acting bug. I guess you can say I’ve always had it, it’s always
been something that’s sort of interested me. I was doing plays in grade
school, middle school, high school, college. So it was always something
that was readily available to me at school. I always would leap at the
opportunity, and then when the opportunity came to make the jump for
this to be your job, I said, “Okay, yeah sure, yeah, I’m game.”
Ch: Is Roswell your first real show?
C: Yeah, Roswell was I think maybe anywhere between the 10th and 20th
audition I ever went on. I landed the pilot, shot the pilot, and within
a couple months started making the show.
Ch: Well it kinda sucks, cause some people may not know what a great
hard worker you are, and may say, “Oh he got his job cause he’s Tom
Hanks’ kid.”
C: Yeah, and I get that a lot. People don’t realize what a double edge
sword it is. Obviously people are very interested, and that’s how I
obviously get a lot of auditions in the beginning, when I wasn’t working
on anything and didn’t have a reel or anything…
Ch: but you have to prove yourself…
C: But, once I walked in the door…
Ch: Sure…
C: I had to prove myself because people are so eager to just say, oh
M: The WB…Roswell…Monday nights at 9, it could happen
C: Yeah, who’s to say that it hasn’t happened
M: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nice
Ch: This freaks me out Colin, I gotta tell ya
C: Well then there you go
M: Nice
Ch: So what’s coming up this season on Roswell?
C: Uh, oh man, a lot of cool stuff. We’ve already shot 7 episodes so
far, so we’re seven deep. A couple of bad aliens come to town
Ch: Oh boy…
C: Bad aliens come to town…
M: Bad aliens
C: Uh, yeah, sorta sounds ridiculous, but it’s true, bad aliens come to
town. I think I’m just driving that home. Bad aliens come to town.
M: But it’s fascinating
Ch: Is that all you can tell us?
C: Yeah, and, I really can’t give away too much cause it would ruin the
rest of the season.
Ch: Well that’s great. We’re going to be watching…WB’s Roswell.
C: Thank you very much.
M: Thank you Colin Hanks…take care!
C: You too guys, bye.
M: How great would it be to have a Hanks gene? You know, I’m always
impressed…when Tom Hanks wins awards, I’m always impressed by his
intelligence, his clarity…
Ch: He’s very well spoken
M: Yep, and how well spoken he is…
Ch: But poor Colin Hanks, I mean, constantly in dad’s shadow.
Kent: Do you know how much on eBay you can get for Hanks genes?
M: Yes, you can. If he’s got one tenth of what Tom has, the kid’s going
to go a long way.
Ch: You can tell that he’s kinda sick of it.
M: Yeah
Ch: Yeah, but I’d ride it, I’d ride my dad’s coattails he was Tom Hanks.