Colin Hanks Article From Le Soleil

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Le Soleil (16/12/00)

Hanks : L�anxieux naufrag�

(Mary Rochlin NY Time News Service)

Deux jours plus tard, Hanks visionnait la version presque finale de Cast Away dans une salle de projection pratiquement d�serte des studios 20th Century Fox � Century City. �g� de 44 ans, Hanks avait invit� son propre groupe type : sa femme, son fils a�n� de 22 ans, Collins, et son agent Richard Lovett. Lorsque leurs commentaires ne parvenaient pas � dissiper ses inqui�tudes, il suscitait les r�actions des quelques rare autres personnes pr�sentes dans la salle, dont un journaliste qui ne savait pas s�il devait plonger dans le film ou analyser attentivement chaque gestes et mimique de la famille Hanks.

Le Soleil (The Sun)

Hanks : the anxious castaway

Two days later, Hanks was seeing the version almost final of Cast Away in a projection room almost empty in the studios 20th Century Fox at Century City. The 44 years old actor invited his own group type : his wife, his oldest son Colin, 22 years old, and his agent Richard Lovett. When their comments didn�t evaporate his worries, Hanks was asking the reactions of the few people present in the room. One journalist didn�t know if he should start an analysis of the movie or watch every gestures and manneurisms of the family Hanks.

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(Soleil is a newspaper in Quebec City.)