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EntertainmenTeen: Roswell’s Brendan Fehr: Fehring Well

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“I’m still a big dork.”

Brendan Fehr in EntertainmenTeen December 2000, p. 20 (small photo on p. 2, big photo on p. 20)

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Roswell’s Brendan Fehr: Fehring Well by Kristen Foley

Resolving equations and making math fun. That’s how Brendan Fehr, the 23-year-old star of the WB’s “Roswell,” wanted to spend his life. Before he received his alien calling, the young Canadian toyed with the idea of majoring in math and becoming a high school teacher’ he was actually set to attend the University of Manitoba. Why math? In Brendan’s opinion, math is the only subject where there’s only one solution to a problem. He liked that concept, but when he learned that wasn’t true with acting, he liked acting even more.

Brendan was discovered by an agent in 1997 and landed his first role in the series “Breaker High.” At the time, he looked at acting as a way to earn money for college, not as a life-long career. In fact, he almost passed up the chance to play “Roswell’s” brooding, tormented, Michael Guerin, because he thought the idea of playing a teenage alien was a little too far-fetched. “I didn’t want to do it,” he recalls. “Teenagers and science-fiction just didn’t really appeal to me.”

Lucky for him viewers disagreed. After its premiere last season, the show quickly gained a cult following and was hailed as one of the best new series of the season. But when the time slot change pushed the show to the brink of cancellation, [?!] fans made a plea to the network in the form of thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite treat of the show’s aliens. The series was revived for a second season and Brendan received a true wake up call. “I now realize that I’m in a spot highly envied by a lot of kids,” he admits. “It’s a shock sometimes.”

Brendan’s acting skills, however, aren’t the only thing with a fan following. A quick surf of the Web reveals several sites dedicated to his carefully perfected bed-head of hair, a fact that makes his co-star Majandra Delfino chuckle. She reveals that Brendan is not quite as suave as one might think. “He’s a big dork,” jokes Majandra. “He never wears his hair like that. He’s a homebody who plays with his dog.”

This “homebody,” however, has made at least a few close friends in addition to Majandra. When Brendan met Wilmer Valderamma of “That 70’s Show”, “We became friends automatically,” says Wilmer. “Topher Grace and I hang out together probably three or four times a week. We get together and play PlayStation, rent a movie or go out to dinner and Brendan just fits in perfectly.” Brendan says they often get together for a rousing game of bowling rather than hitting L.A.’s clubs.

His career may be flying high, but Brendan’s feet are firmly planted on the ground. “I’m still a big dork. I just happen to be in the magazines more now than before… which was never.”

But this particular “dork” also has two movies lined up for 2001. Look for him in the dramedy, “Kill Me Later” with Selma Blair and the vampire flick, “Forsaken” with “Dawson’s Creek” star Kerr Smith.