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Brendan Fehr in poll at Alloy

Thanks to Megan for this :)

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It’s no mystery that this Roswell hottie has done wonders for human/alien relations. His deep brown eyes, his killer smile — he’s just so cute, we wanna scoop him out of Majandra Delfino’s arms and just smooch him. But before we get carried away, let’s check out his ever-changing look. First check his messy ‘do and cabana attire: A little bit rock-n-roll hipster. Then his hair gets slick, but his threads stay casual. Is that some sort of greasy mullet or what? The only good thing is, it’s even easier to see his face!

But enough from us — what do you think? Is this makeover for better or worse?

** The article also includes two pics of Brendan Fehr.