Tweets From The “Roswell, NM” Exclusive Fan Event [+ Video Clip]] tweeted from the private “Roswell, NM” fan event. The exclusive private event took place on Saturday, July 21st at San Diego Comic-Con with 75 lucky fans who won tickets for themselves and a guest.

Read their tweets and check out some more tweets from the event below and scroll down for a look at the panel.

    • 1. Michael is @cadlymack’s favorite character on #RoswellNM
    • 2. Nathan was @cadlymack’s “man stuff” consultant on the show! #RoswellNM
    • 3. “Nathan brings something to the show that sold the show really.” – @cadlymack
    • 4. “Do lies protect the people you love or endanger them?” – @aishatyler on Max’s big secret
    • 5. Liz is a scientist and investigator! @itsjeaninemason loves how she refuses to accept a “fake answer.” #Roswellnm @aishatyler @cadlymack
    • 6. “Lots of almost kisses.” – @itsjeaninemason #RoswellNM
    • 7. .@julieplec told @cadlymack, “pitch the show YOU want to make.” And she did. #WomenSupportingWomen #RoswellNewMexico #sdccexclusive #SDCC1018 #aishatylerinconversation


Thank you Lynn!

//EDIT July 27, 2018: Added the video.

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