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Majandra Delfino – October 1997 Seventeen article


Thanks to Liz for this :)

I was looking through old magazines that I have lying around ready to throw out and discovered an article on Majandra Delfino in the October 1997 issue of Seventeen under the heading:

Who’s New on Fall TV: They’re cool, talented and, er, completely unknown until now. Here’s the scoop on seven of this season’s freshest new stars.

It also includes a picture of Majandra with extra-long (natural) brown hair, and a caption that reads:

I came in to my audition not afraid of authority. I wasn’t timid, and I had a
bit of an attitude.

Here’s the article, by April P. Bernard:

“I’m so not a lady,” says Majandra Delfino, smiling. The girl who plays older sis Tina on The Tony Danza Show disdains pastels, has practically zero interest in what guys think and exudes loads of confidence. “I’m not girly-girl enough to care about whether I look good on camera or have the right makeup,” the 16-year-old says. On her new NBC series, the star of last year’s Zeus and Roxanne speaks her mind just as fearlessly. “Tina is very intelligent and independent, she’s got guts,” says Majandra. “As far as TV goes, my character in the realest
I’ve seen.” Reality to this Venezuela-born actress meant surprising everyone at her audition by relating a happy story that echoed what was, for Danza, a traumatic experience. After a 1993 ski accident that left him with six broken ribs, Danza was whisked down the mountain on a sled towed by a skier. Majandra, caught in a hailstorm while skiing, was brought down the same way only she loved the experience. “It was like a roller coaster,” she raves.
Danza was impressed; now he backs her up on practically anything like her
desire to wear her big silver thumb ring on camera. It’s not a question of
vanity, though: This is “a pre-pre-pre-pre–engagement ring from my love,”
she says. “Not to wear it wouldn’t be me.” Majandra knows that better than anyone.