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Majandra Delfino – Lonely Wolf With Many Gifts

Thanks to Postman (Mikko) for getting permission to scan, and transcribe portions of this article for Crashdown. Suosikki is a Finnish magazine. Click on the pictures for a larger version of the image

Majandra Delfino – Lonely Wolf With Many Gifts

Article from Suosikki N:o 4/01 Text: Laura Haapala Pics: MTV3,Lehtikuva

Majandra Delfino plays Maria De Luca (best friend of Liz Parker and girlfriend of Michael Guerin) at Roswell. Like all the other casts also Majandra plays different roles beside of Roswell and she is concentrated to make music also. She has been part of the movies like “Secret Life Of Girls”, “Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday and “Traffic”. Majadra likes to watch vampire movies and young stars enjoys most of playing serious roles even that she has played many funny roles.
– It is more easier to play dramatic roles than funny characters. I think that most important part of acting is that you bring out your character`s thoughts and motives. So comedy roles are against my calibration.

It Is Fun To Be At Home

Majandra thinks that making music is a really good way of selftherapy and new songs keep coming.
– I work with music all the time. I have notebooks full of poems and lyrics and I carry my notebooks with me all the time. I play quitar everytime I have time for it and I make new songs in practise all the time. Majandra keeps her mother as best example of her life. She tells that she is like a lonely wolf at her personality and like to spent more time at home than celebs parties.
– I enjoying be home alone. I need lot of time to be with myself. I play quitar, sing and paint. I am always friendly to people who I meet at my work. But I still want to keep my work away off my private life.
– the best part of my life I will still keep my school success. At the last year I did miss lot of my lessons because filming and at the end I did do six finish examinations at the same day and did get good gratue from all of them! I am very proud of that achievement.