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Alien love

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Alien love

The Evening Post Independent Newspapers Ltd.

IN REALITY, Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino do not make out with aliens. Surprise surprise! But they do on TV. They play friends Liz and Maria on Roswell.

As soul-searcher Liz Parker, Appleby has captivated audiences with her and alien Max’s ( Jason Behr ) budding, but tortured, relationship.

Appleby has been acting since she was four and began her career appearing in television commercials.

Then she guest starred in numerous television series, including two episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, filmed in New Zealand.

While Max and Liz’s relationship started out as the centrepoint for the show, the sparks flying between Delfino’s Maria and Michael (Brendan Fehr ), have been too passionate to ignore.

Delfino, 18, is also an old hat at the business, having played Tony Danza’s daughter in The Tony Danza Show. She has many forthcoming roles in films, including Scary Movie, the spoof of Scream-type genre. She is also appearing in the independent film The Learning Curve. See them work their sultry magic on a couple of alien hunks in Roswell.


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