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Majandra Music Fans – Update

Thanks to Sheila for this:

Hey Majandra Music Fans

Here are some wonderful updates:

1} The singer’s new websites should be ready soon, so keep your fingers glued to your keyboards.

2} There were some new photos taken of the singer but it may be awhile before they get up on the net.

3} The promotional merchandise will be on sale when the CD is for sale.

4} The Fan List is up to 450 people , so for all those you havn’t joined the Music Fan list sign up at ultrahorse@earthlink.net

5} Also all those who are on the Music Fan List, music producer Mr.Anthony Rodriguez will emailing you with an update as soon as he gets everyone’s address into his datebase.

Keep The Music Blasting!

Sheila Limontas

Thanks to Tigger3634 for this :)

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that Majandra’s web
site will be launching in about two weeks. After that we will close the
doors to the ‘M Camp”. If you get this letter it means you will have
the opportunity to be one of the first people to buy M’s signed and
numbered CD. After the launch of the site no more names will be added.

The record is going slow ( Majandra has been very busy acting ) but it
is sounding great. Once the site is up, along with other things, you
will be able to hear some new tunes and see us in the studio making the

Majandra and I would like to thank all you guys who have been supporting
her from the beginning. It has helped us stay motivated. The whole
Majandra team consist of only 6 people working very hard in their spare
time. We just started out making a few demos but after the great
response we turned it into a complete finished project. It has been you
guys that has kept us all going.

The next time you hear from me I will be giving you the address to
Majandra’s brand new web site.