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Marilyn Beck’s Hollywood article (Brendan)

Thanks to Melissa for sending this in:

Hello, I don’t know if anyone sent this your way but
in my paper this morning there was a tidbit about
Brendan Fehr. Here it is:

Out of this World

“Roswell’s” Brendan Fehr reveals he initially passed
on doing the coming big-screen “Forsaken” because he
didn’t want to go from playing alien to vampire. But
then, “I talked to the director, and he hooked me on
what he wanted to do. ‘The Forsaken’ is more of a
buddy movie like a ‘Lethal Weapon’, and it doesn’t
rely on the vampire theme. The vampires we chase
could be substituted for whatever kind of evil you
wanted- punks, hooligans- they just add an interesting
backdrop to the story. I’ve seen most of the movie
and it’s a really cool film.” Fehr says if “The
Forsaken” does well, there’s a possibility of it
becoming a franchise film for him. “It would depend
on what the second script was like.”