RoswellShiri Appleby

Message to the Strawberry Applesauce Campaigners

Hi I just got a message from Jason Katims office thanking you all for the Strawberry Applesauce packages you’ve been sending in support of Max and Liz.

“As always, we appreciate the interest of the fans and their unswerving support of our characters. However, many of these packs of applesauce exploded in route to our offices. Those packages that were sent by air didn’t adapt well to the high pressure altitudes and the many many boxes delivered by the UPS guy were pretty soggy.

This campaign is very imaginative and the point of it has been received by the office.

The packs that survived and are still edible (we’re checking expiration dates) will be donated to local shelters for Thanksgiving.”

They ask that not send anymore since it’s kind of messy and they really understand where you’re coming from!