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Buddy TV “LUX” article and WB show poll

On buddytv.com a new article about Shiri’s upcoming show “Life Unexpected” has been published. They talk of the show in glowing terms.

[…] The drama is unlike most of the CW’s current schedule, because it’s not about sexy high schoolers in Beverly Hills or sexy college students on the Upper East Side. Instead, it’s a mature, adult drama.

The show has more in common with classic WB dramas like Gilmore Girls and Everwood, dealing with the relationships between parents and children. Not only is it the best new show of 2010, but it’s certainly the best new show the CW has produced in its four years on the air.

Life Unexpected has a little something for everyone. If you’re a fan of ’90s WB stars, it has Dawson’s Creek’s Kerr Smith and Roswell’s Shiri Appleby. If you like comedy, it has a quirky, free-spirited and light-hearted sensibility that’s been missing from today’s crop of glitzy, glossy teen dramas. And if you like drama, grab the nearest box of Kleenex, because Life Unexpected will pull at your heartstrings and never let go. […]

Please read the text in full. It is a must-read! Just follow this link.

In addition, you can find a poll below the article. The author asks: Which old school WB show was your favorite?

Dawson’s Creek 15%
Roswell 27%
Gilmore Girls 56%
Everwood 2%
Total Votes: 41