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Kerr Smith gives more information about “Light Years”

Sappleby.com‘s news poster Lourdes found some more information about Shiri’s project “Light Years” given by actor Kerr Smith in a recent interview.

MoviesOnline sat down with the actor to talk about his new movie “My Bloody Valentine 3D” also starring Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Edi Gathegi, and Megan Boone which opens in theaters on January 16th.

Kerr tells that the production of the CW pilot takes place in Vancouver, Canada. The title “Light Years” refers to the girls name Lux which means ‘light’. In addition Kerr Smith reveils some more facts about the story. So Spoilers ahead:

[…] MoviesOnline: Is there another movie unreleased yet?

Kerr: No film on the docket as of now but I do leave for Vancouver tomorrow morning to shoot a pilot for The CW, called “Light Years.” It’s an hour-long dramady, I guess is how you would classify it.

MoviesOnline: Vancouver has been having its worst winter in decades.

Kerr: They got a lot of snow. I heard that.

MoviesOnline: Can you talk a bit more about the pilot? Who do you play?

Kerr: I play a character called Ryan Scott and I’m doing it with Shiri Appleby (of the TV show “Roswell”). I have to get that right by tomorrow. We have a radio show and it’s all about bantering about politics, any subject we can. But, behind the scenes, we’re dating. In the pilot, I ask her to marry me. In the process of that, she has a child that shows up out of nowhere that she gave away back in high school and this child is now 15 years old.

MoviesOnline: It’s every dude’s nightmare.

Kerr: I know. It is. And within lies the comedy and the father of the child is this degenerate kind of guy, shows up out of nowhere as well and calls up the radio show and says, “Hey, look, we’ve got a kid” and he comes in and I’ve just asked her to marry me and there’s all this chaos. In the end, we do get married and the three of us decide to raise this child. Me, the weirdo and Shiri.

MoviesOnline: So you are all “Light Years” apart?

Kerr: The child’s, the girl’s name is Lux and Lux means light. I don’t know who plays her. This just happened a few days ago and I haven’t done all my homework yet.


To read the full interview go this way: Kerr Smith Interview, My Bloody Valentine 3-D

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