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Orlando Sentinel Comments On ‘Roswell’ Hair

Thanks to Cejaye for sending this in. I’m going to do a massive update tonight so don’t be too concerned if there’s a lack of news posted until around 7 p.m. PST

In the Calendar Section of the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel in Commander Coconut is the following Roswell mention:

Hair lines & such

With all that talk about Keri Russell’s hair in the WB’s Felicity (first long, then shorn, now growing out), there are hair issues on the WB’s Roswell too. Majandra Delfino who plays Maria, had really cute, short hairdos last season; this year, she came back with ugly long hair, probably with extensions. Shiri Appleby, who plays Liz, has let her hair grow, but hers looks pretty. Punky-spiky- haired character Michael, played by one-expression actor Brendan Fehr, now has dirty lank hair. The series has been good this year so far, […]

(remainder of article is about other shows.)