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Phamous Philes – Nick Wechsler Article

Thanks to Lisa (prscully) for sending this in. I’ll be posting her other news item next. Oh and this comes from the new X-Files Magazine issue.

There was also an Nick Wechsler article titled Phamous Philes
Here’s the article:

Trying not to offend legions of Scully fans, Roswell’s Nick Wechsler
whispers when he admits Mulder is his favorite X-Files character.
It’s nothing personal against Gillian Anderson, whose work he also
respects, it’s just that David Duchovny is one of his favorite actors.

“I went to some Fox Emmy party just on the off-chance that he’d be
there,” Wechsler says. “I’m not stalking him. I just wanted to shake
his hand because there was a time when, if somebody asked me who my
favorite actor was, I’d say [Duchovny].”

Before securing his role as Kyle Valenti on Roswell, Wechsler would
actually arrange his work schedule so it wouldn’t conflict with The X-
Files. “When I was working at a record store for a while, I
specifically told them I couldn’t work on Sundays,” Wechsler
says. “There were times people would ask me to cover for them, and I
was like, ‘[Screw] you.'”

Life as a working actor, though has cramped Wechsler’s X-Files style.
A recent job caused him to miss the Season Seven finale “Requiem,”
and now he’s completely clueless about Scully’s pregnancy and
Mulder’s abduction. But don’t dare tell him anything about the
jawdropping episode.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” Wechsler says. “I want to see it. A
friend of mine tapes all of them, so I’ll just get it from him. But
something that has calmed me down is the fact that they released the
first season on DVD. That right there makes it fine. I can handle
missing stuff because I can get it all later.”

His role on the cult favorite Roswell does offer some perks. Because
of it, Wechsler has a much better shot at getting a guest spot on the
fellow Twentieth Century Fox show The X-Files. He’d definitely
welcome the opportunity, he just wants to make sure he earns it.

“I don’t ever want to cheat to make it happen,” he says. “I don’t
want to [tell my agent], ‘Hey put in a call and see if you can get
them interested in me.’ The other reason I haven’t tried all that
hard is that I like [the show] too much to ruin it and be on it. When
I’m a part of a show and I know the script and I know where it’s
heading, I feel like it’s not as believable because I know what’s
going to happen. And not only do I know what’s going to happen, but
every scene I watch I’m like, ‘What’s his name farted during that
take’ or ‘We were slapping each other before that take and then they
said action.’ Then I don’t believe it anymore. Not to mention I’d
go, ‘Holy [expletive deleted]! I’m in The X-Files!”