Various Information About “Roswell”

Thanks to gussywussy55 for this:

MIX 107.3 in Tyler, Texas had Colin Hanks as the “Mystery Birthday”
person for today. The question was, “Which ROSWELL T.V. actor turns 23
today?” I thought that was kinda neat. A girl won who said she never
misses ROSWELL.

Thanks to GEMOFTHEYEAR for this:

Tonight (Friday the 24th) on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, they mentioned Roswell on one of those questions where you have to have the right answers and in the fastest
time. You had to put shows about aliens in order from the most recent. Just
thought you’d like to know!

Thanks to Chris for this:

Just saw that CBS is re-running the Emilie appearance on The Late Late
Show With Craig Kilborn the night of December 5, 2000.

Thanks to Sheila for this.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Nov.17-19, 2000 pg.58

The Hollywood Reporter states that Ned Romero, who played “Riverdog” on the WB’s Roswell. Played the long lost Navajo father to Mercedes Ruehl in the CBS made for TV Hallmark Hall of Fame film “Lost Child”, which aired Sunday November 19 at 9/8c on CBS.

Thanks to Kristina for this:

I recently went to Backstreet Boys member, Howie Dorough’s, official site to
check out his schedule and possibly find out when he was going to start
filming for his upcoming appearance in Roswell and I stumbled into reading
something really pod squad-esque. And so I’m in his official website (which
is separate from the official BSB site) and I go to his mom’s recipe, Mama
D.’s Recipe, because the information I wanted wasn’t available, and I found
instead this at the bottom of the recipe of Jalapeño & Onion Quiche, one of
Howie D.’s favorite breakfast:

DIE HARD FANS ONLY: If you want to eat it like Howie, load on the Tabasco
sauce — Howie likes it hot!

There’s just something about Tabasco!