Roswell Fans Respond to Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Thank you so much to NotofthisEarth51 for sending this in to let everyone know what an impact ‘Roswell’ fans are making and continue to make.

I urge you to get involved in this worthwhile cause. It’s not much fun spending all or most of your childhood in the hospital and not being able to go home (I know this first-hand personally and I think that’s where I began to get into writing when I was younger since hospitals can be quite boring after awhile with nothing much to do) and your contributions (and I’m not referring to money either) can make all the difference to a child–even if it’s just sending a card to a child in your local hospital. Also, continue to support this great cause all year round and not just this one-time :) Now on to the email Beth sent about the PCF

Thank you to everyone for your emails to Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

The amount of Roswell fans that want to help children with cancer is overwhelming! There were many specific questions about volunteering that I will answer individually very soon.

For anyone who would like to make a monetary or toy donation, please mail them to:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation
405 Tarrytown Road, PMB 572
White Plains, NY 10607-1313

Toys should be new–no stuffed animals please. If you send money or toys/gifts please indicate somewhere in the mailing that you heard about Pediatric Cancer Foundation through the Roswell Christmas episode.

You can also set up satellite programs to help benefit Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Previous programs have included Halloween Parties, softball game fundraisers, and retail store events where part of the proceeds are donated to the charity and many more. Emails to for
further information and ideas for the perfect satellite program for you.

With the help of people like all of you, Pediatric Cancer Foundation can continue to hold the hand of a child and pursue a cure to this devastating disease. Thank you from all of us at PCF and Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Beth Copland
Pediatric Cancer Foundation