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Shiri and Majandra in Seventeen Magazine

Thanks to Zoey for sending this in from the new Seventeen Magazine. It’s from the January 2001 issue

On page 85, seventeen asks celebrities what was the best gift that
they had ever given or received and Shiri says that:

“I crochet blankets. Those are the best gifts because they’re

Then, on page 104-5 of the same magazine, it says “Who’s naughty,
who’s nice? Think you know how the characters on your fave shows like
to dress? Think again!”

And there’s a picture of Shiri with a messy up ‘do wearing red
leather pants and a black leather jacket (a costume that Liz would
probably not be caught dead in, but looks cute nonetheless). On the
opposite page, Majandra is wearing a vintage brown flowered shirt with
a tan knitted vest, looking very angelic.

The article reads:

“Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino – So what’s up lately with the
wardrobe of Shiri Appleby’s television alter ego, Liz Parker, of The
WB’s sci-fi hit Roswell? Seems casual girl Liz is dolling up. ‘She
can’t wear jean’s now,’ says Appleby, 22. ‘They want her to be more
grown-up, sexier.’ The result: still kinda quiet, but we’re seeing
more skirts, especially when Liz is at work in her congresswomen’s
office. For Liz, seventeen went for the cute-but-wicked
effect–sexier, definitely; grown-up, hmmm. ‘Liz wouldn’t wear leather
pants!’ says Appleby. Leather would hardly be a problem for Majandra
Delfino’s character, Maria De Luca. ‘Maria’s very decked out, even
just for school. Flirty. And sexy,” says Delfino, 19. Then there’s
that little waitress number that Maria wears for her job at the
Crashdown Cafe. Our editors dug the elegant-with-a-gleam-in-her-eye
look–and so, says Delfino, would Maria: ‘She’d like it. It’s so ’30s
and ’40s–very retro.'”