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Transcript of JK and JB ARCC Interview

Thanks to Dark Ilk for this:

did out the transcript for the 2 interviews. Have one problem though… JB refers to a word and I think it’s “Aethest” (I’ve highlighted it in bold below)?? But I’m really not sure of the spelling. If someone knows the correct spelling, I’d really appreciate the amendment.

JK: It�s a very, very simple, simple story.

[Insert scene: Car about to hit little girl when the father saves her with Max and Michael watching]

JK: It�s, in a way, much simpler than a lot of the stories that we tell on Roswell. It�s like a lot times, you see on television they promo episodes saying �A very special episode of�� and� I never knew what that meant�

JB: � a special episode of Roswell (grins)

JK: � Yeah, I never knew what that meant.

[Insert scene: Max watching Sydney after Liz whispers something to him with the ghost of the dead father watching over their shoulders]

JK: I like the fact that it�s a story about helping somebody else and it has nothing to do with protecting their own asses� as aliens.

[Insert scene: Max and Michael approach the accident scene as Max considered whether to save the father]

JK: I like the fact that it�s about Max being confronted with this moral dilemma.

JB: The idea about God and science, and how they don�t really necessarily blend very well.

[Insert scene: Max and Liz talking at her window ledge before she leaves for midnight service]

JB: I think, um, Max says that he doesn�t believe in God, I don�t think he says that to be a blatant Aethest (?? Sorry I have no idea of the correct spelling??) or� or just to be a slap in the face of religion. It�s just� for himself; because of who he is, and what he is, I think that he has so many more questions than he has answers, and�

[Insert scene: Max lighting up the Christmas ornament using his powers]

JK: I honestly, too, think he wishes he DID believe� I think, yeah� I think you�re right. I think it�s his perspective on it.

JB: I think it also asks the question of� if you could just suspend your disbelief for just a moment� (he starts to grin) those watching the show really do suspend their belief for quite a while�

(JK laughing in the background)

[Insert scene: Jason healing the children in the hospital]

JB: but um, but um, the idea of some one having this gift, this awesome power to heal people� who chooses who lives and who dies? And how do you actually make that choice? Are you disrupting some grand scheme, master plan that somebody has out there? Or have you become a part of the plan despite yourself? It�s just� it�s a, it�s a powerful notion I think, and this huge responsibility of who are you to decide who lives and who stays� and how� how you go about making those decisions. You can shy away from it and act like it�s not there, but you know, obviously the guilt will come and get you.

Interviewer: How do you perceive the ending when Max takes Liz�s hand?

[Insert scene: Max takes Liz�s hand and tells her �I believe in you� as the camera pans to their intertwined hands]

JK: You know, that moment to me seems like a transcendent moment. It�s the gift that he gives HER. It�s him thanking her for being there for him, and being a friend. And it�s not a moment� about them getting back together� as boyfriend and girlfriend. It�s beyond that.

JB: (A serious, pondering look on his face) I thought it was uh� I thought it was the cue for the (he points upwards into the sky) snow to fall�

(JK starts laughing in the background)

JB: I was� That�s er � I say my line about �I believe in you� and the snow falls�

[Insert scene: Max looks up into the sky as snow starts to fall]

JB: That�s what I thought� Right� No, I was kidding (JB starts to grin as JK cannot stop laughing in the background) Um, I thought that� someone was reading the script (mock reading an invisible script) and going �snow in Roswell� yes�� � Forget it. (He tries to get serious)

[Insert scene: Max joins everyone at the Midnight session]

JB: Um, no, I thought� I though that THAT moment was so much more about the evolution of Max as a character, and his relationship to Liz, and his relationship to his family. And it was so much more than just saying, you know, �Yeah, we�re back together now. I believe in you. Let�s live happily ever after�. It was� it was� more about �Without you, I couldn�t become the person I am now�.

[Insert scene: Max and Michael look in through the window watching Brody and Sydney in front of the fireplace]

JB: And I think that throughout the season, no matter what has happened, you know, good or bad, it�s made these people who they are. I think that�s the way it is with life in general� is that the choices that we make in our lives and the people that we know� help us in one way or another BE the people that we are�

[Insert scene: Liz whispering something into Max�s ear after which he looks up]

JB: and I think at that moment, he was just sort of thanking her for helping open his eyes to a completely different world.

[Insert scene: Reflection of Max as he approaches Liz in the Crashdown]

JK: Right. I mean it�s funny though� you� saying that. �Cos he�s able to go to her� even with everything that they�ve been through�

JB: � be some sort of sane voice� some sort of reasoning� I think that the person that he trusts the most is Liz.

JK: � yeah

JB: With� who knows him better than, I think, anybody.

JK: right�

[Insert scene: Max watches as the ghost of the dead father bids him farewell]

JB: � but I think more than anything, it was just about being human� and being mature� and being alive. (Both ponder in silence for a moment before turning to face the camera)