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Transcript of Katherine’s appearance on Craig Kilborn

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Malynda (kaya215luvsbehr) for sending this in!

**Top of the show reminding everyone who will be on**

Craig: From the TV show Roswell, beautiful, young actress, Katherine Heigl,

**After monologue**

Craig: Katherine Heigl. Katherine Heigl. There she is. That’s the girl.
(shows magazine cover of her on Maxim and audience cheers!)

**Before Bill Paxton’s 5 questions**

Craig: We just got word our second guest also going to take off her shirt.
(shows Maxim again.)

Bill: Yeah, baby!

Craig: D’ya know Katherine Heigl, Bill? I’m over here.

Bill: Hello?

Craig: She’s not coming out yet.

Bill: Good, good, okay.

Craig: D’ya know her?

Bill: Yeah, I’ll fasten my seat belt. Where is it?

Craig: D’ya like her? D’ya meet her.

Bill: What’s not to like, Craig?

Craig: That’s a good answer.

Bill: What’s not to like?

**After Bill Paxton’s 5 questions as they go to commercial**

Craig: Right back with Katherine Heigl!

**Katherine’s intro**

Craig: Our next guest is a successful actress and she’s only 22 years old.
She plays teen alien Isabelle Evans on the semi-sci-fi WB show Roswell.

(clip of her, as “Christmas Nazi”, and Brendan from ARCC with her ranting
about having a normal Christmas)

Please welcome Katherine Heigl! (applause!!!!!!!)

(She comes out and shakes Craig’s hand.)

(Wearing all black. Long sleeve shirt, pants. Her hair is pulled up into a
french twist. She is wearing strappy black heels. Looks very pretty!)

Katherine: (sits down) No wait! I wanted to take my shirt off, too, so.
(takes off her shirt to reveal a sequined black tank top that has some
texture to it.) If I didn’t take my shirt off, too. Sorry guys.

Craig: Wow!

Katherine: I’m sorry. I was going to say, “I’m not going to take my shirt
off”, but then I was like, “What’s the fun in that?”.

Craig: Yeah. You did it.

Katherine: Gotta take it off.

Craig: That was… certainly fun.

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: I apologize for Paxton. What did you think? Did you almost walk?
Did you almost say I’m out of here?

Katherine: (laughs) No, I actually just asked someone to go ask if he’d
give me his autograph on one of those Chet pictures because my sister and I
used to always watch that movie all the time when I was younger. I didn’t
remember that that was him. I was… I was pretty excited. (laughs)

Craig: Yeah, yeah. What about Opus? Your thoughts on Opus? Sorry. Now
Roswell. Year two. Right?

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: And last year it struggled and then they had some uh, it turned out
well, they had a writing campaign. The fans came to your rescue. (THAT’S

Katherine: The fans were awesome because they actually sent in thousands of
bottles of Tabasco sauce to the WB, which you might not understand because
Tabasco sauce was, is something that the aliens put on our food because…

Craig: Yeah, if it was that easy just to every, a lot of shows would stay
on the air if you could just throw Tabasco, it’s connected with your…

Katherine: I don’t think it was just the Tabasco sauce, but it made a
difference. It was really cool.

Craig: So your fan base, their loyal.

Katherine: Yeah, very loyal! (laughs a bit)

Craig: And, and they threw you a party?

Katherine: They threw us a party last year at, I think it was a martini
bar, or one of those bars on Sunset I don’t frequent.

Craig: Wouldn’t know which one?

Katherine: Don’t know exactly.

Craig: I don’t know a lot of them.

Katherine: Me neither. But whatever, but anyway. It was really cool
because it was…

Craig: So, they say, “We like Roswell. Let’s throw them a party,” and you
guys said, “We’ll show up,” ?

Katherine: Yeah! We went! It was awesome! We were like the Beatles. I’m
telling you, we were HUGE!

Craig: Yeah.

Katherine: Then I had to go home and do the dishes and like walk the dog

Craig: I would only show up if the fans did that and I didn’t have to talk
to them.

Katherine: (laughs) You would just walk through the crowd. (acts snotty)

Craig: Little jokey-joke. By the way, Brody is coming up later.

Katherine: Who is Brody?

Craig: I don’t know.

Katherine: You just keep mentioning the name?

Craig: I think it’s his TV debut. I think they’re all pretty nervous about
it. We’re actually going to run out of time. We’re probably going to bump

Katherine: (simultaneously with the audience) AWWWWWW!

Craig: (pulls out Maxim and holds it up. Katherine giggles) This is still
one of your favorite moments of all time?

Katherine: Yeah. I’m so glad you brought that out. I am.

Craig: You know what’s weird? The stage hand keeps it here. Doesn’t have
my sweatshirt, but he keeps this here.

Katharine: (laughs)

Craig: How’s your mom?

Katherine: She’s great.

Craig: She’s your manager…

Katherine: She’s my manager, she’s my mother…

Craig: She’s your mom. You mom’s your mom.

Katherine: She’s my best friend.

Craig: And you live with mommy?

Katherine: I do. You know…

Craig: Is that part of cramping your style? Does that hurt a little bit
with the guys? How do you handle that?

Katherine: God. Well… (looks up as if thinking) I don’t know. I think
that my mother and I just have a basic term of respect for each other and
get out of each other’s way when needs be.

Craig: Do, do you date? Do you bring a young boy home?

Katherine: I do. Yeah.

Craig: And what happens? How does that work?

(audience laughs)

Craig: I mean do you say, “Mom, go drive around the block?” (laughter)

Katherine: Yeah, I’m like, “Mom it’ll be (looks at fake watch) ten minutes.
Go driving,”. No…

Craig: Ten minutes?

Katherine: (laughs) No!

(audience hoots and hollers)

Katherine: (laughs)

Craig: You are dating young boys.

Katherine: (laughs) No! I do not bring boys home to, to do anything that
would be disrespectful to my mother in the home that we share together, but
I have dates over. We watch movies. We hang out. She goes and does her
thing. She goes out.

Craig: So she leaves the room?

Katherine: No, she joins us and she usually brings popcorn, so. It’s fun.

Craig: Well, I mean, you come home with your, your, your date, and “this is
my mom,” and you guys sit down and watch TV and she says, “ok, I’m going to
be in the other room,” and is that how it works?

Katherine: (laughs) Generally yes.

Craig: That’s nice!

Katherine: It’s great. I’m telling you, it works out just fine.

Craig: Do you think… You’re 22.

Katherine: I am.

Craig: And you think like when your 30 you may… be living on your own

Katherine: No. No, I’m, I’m betting good money I’ll still be living with
my mother.

Craig: That’s sweet.

Katherine: Yeah… She still does my laundry. Ya know… I just can’t

Craig: That’s a good thing.

Katherine: I’m telling ya…

Craig: Now it all makes sense.

Katherine: Doesn’t it? I’m telling ya.

Craig: If she’s doing your laundry.

Katherine: (laughs)

Craig: Good to see ya again.

Katherine: You to. (shakes Craig’s hand)

Craig: Can you stick around? Brody’s coming up later.

Katherine: Yeah, absolutely… (inaudible)

Craig: We’ll back right back after this.


(She hangs out to watch comedian Brody Stevens.)