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Various Articles and Information On “Roswell”

Thanks to liz for this:

this morning on ktla news at around 7 they were asking
a few stars to ask an eight ball a question and one
person they asked was jason behr. he asked if he was
going to get a pony for christmas and then the ball
answered and the interviewer said he’d need a stable
and jason answered he’d need a good sadle too. that
was about it for jason.

Thanks to TWa4243675 for this:

Majandra Delfino

There is a small article on Majandra in the BOP magazine on page 10. This
is what it said: “Roswell actress Majandra Delfino– who is staring in
Traffic (shceduled to hit theaters January 12) with That 70’s Show’s Topher
Grace, fellow Latina Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta-Jones—– loves to get
all dolled up when she hits the town with someone special. “When I go out at
night, I love the romantic look– real princess-like,” the 19-year-old
actress says. “And on a real date, I like the relaxed, dressy look.You don’t
want to be nervous about what you look like.”

Katherine Heigl

Katie made it in the hot issue of BOP by being the Hottest E.T. for the
year. Way to go Katie.

Jason Behr

In the magazine HOT! Jason is one of the 50 hottest guys for 2001 one.
Personally I will have to agree. There are a few facts with a wonderful pic
in the background and there is a pic on page 17.

Thanks to Roswellian311 for this:

Teen Celebrity – February 2001
TV Couples vs. Real Couples

TV Couples

Page 56 – small pic of Jason and Shiri (from Sexual Healing episode)
Caption reads: They might come from two different worlds (literally), but
Roswell’s Liz and Max have kept fans entertained with their out-of-this-world
love story.

Page 56 – small pic of Majandra and Brendan (from The Balance episode)
Caption reads: Maria and Michael have heated things up on Roswell in the
past, wonder what lies in the future? In real life, Majandra Delfino and
Brendan Fehr enjoy each other’s company off the set as well. “He’s my
boyfriend in real life and he’s so different from Michael that it’s funny to
me,” Majandra recently told an interviewer. “He’s not moody. But yeah, he’s
an actor, what can I say?”

Real Couples

Page 57 – small pic of Brendan and Majandra (Teen Choice Awards)
Caption reads: Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino show their affections for
one another off camera at the Teen Choice Awards.

Thanks to Jessica for this:

my name is Jessica and today i got the February 2001 issue of Cosmo Girl and
it had two pic of roswell.
First on page 28 therr is a pic of Majandra and Breendan under the Title
of Sickening the head line for the page is 3 degrees of pda. It has titles of
Sweet, sexy and sickening.
The last cast pic is of Shiri Appleby on page 50 with the title of