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Cast Sightings In Movies/TV Shows

Thanks to BriBow87 for this:

Katherine Heigl should be appearing in a movie called “Bug Busters”on
Showtime or Starz, as the movie has already appeared a few times but should
air a few more (check listings). The movie is a cheesy horror film about bugs
who want to take over the world and Katherine is the damsel in distress who
hates insects. She seems to really enjoy doing horror films, as she has
appears in “Bug Busters”, “Bride of Chucky II”, and the upcoming “Valentine.”

Thanks to lighthousecoast for this:

That guy that plays Nasedo had a small part in MaCaulay Culkin’s movie
Home Alone, he played as the store clerk when MaCauly was buying a tooth

Thanks to Jenn for this:

I saw the woman (Jenny O’Hara) who played Nicholas’ mom (one of the skins) on the Practice on Sunday. (12/24) She played a woman who had “accidentally” run over her husband with her car.

Thanks to soxgirl45 for this:

On the TV Guide channel my friend said that she saw a 60 second thing on
Roswell and the Tabasco Sauce campaign (we’re getting recognition for our
dedication YAY!). She said she saw it like 5 times so now I’m watching it
24/7 until I see it!!!!