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Dark Horizons: Valentine Review (Brief Minor Spoilers)

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Dark Horizons-Review

“Valentine” – A Review by ‘Messier’ (Positive, Minor Spoilers)

Last week I happened to catch a test screening of the new slasher movie Valentine. What I thought would be a really crappy movie turned out to be a pretty decent film if you get past Denise Richards horrible acting as well as the cliche-filled plot. The story is as follows: a group of popular girls start getting letters, roses, and phone calls from someone who says they will pay for what they did in the past. The rest of the film plays like any other typical slasher film. Marley Shelton who plays the lead character Kate does very well. Denise Richards plays some bimbo named Paige who sleeps around, Jessica Cauffiel plays Lily, Katherine Heigl plays Shelly, a friend of Lily’s, Jessica Capshaw plays Dorothy, and David Boreanaz plays Marley’s boyfriend. We also get a handful of other characters who really do nothing but stand around waiting to be killed.

My main complaint with this movie was that it was just another slasher. We know the formula-lead character is attacked 40 minutes into the movie, waits around while her friends get killed, goes to a big Valentine’s party where the killer shows up, fights with the killer, has the unmasking…etc. The supposedly “surprise” ending really isn’t that surprising and you can easily guess who the killer is and his/her motive is just plain dumb. I sure hope this doesn’t give any people who were picked on in school any ideas!!!

I will say it offers some decent scares. The killer who wears a cherub mask is pretty freaky at times and reminded me a lot of Michael Myers, the killer from Halloween. One scene where Marley Shelton’s character is trapped in an elevator with the killer who is out cold is very intense. The catchy theme played throughout the movie is very good and is still ringing in my head. People who hate Denise Richards will probably enjoy one scene in this movie where Denise gets what’s coming to her! Fun movie, but don’t expect to much.