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TigerBeat Max & Liz

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

February 2001 “Tiger Beat” magazine, p. 17
“TV’s Best Couples”

What makes a great TV couple? Chemistry! Audiences need to believe that the two characters on the screen really dig each other if we’re going to tune in to see what’s next. Many of these couples stood the test of time, some didn’t and others still are sharing their love affair with viewers. Here are seven of our favorite dynamic duos! (Max and Liz are listed among Marge & Homer Simpson, Buffy & Angel, Dharma and Greg, etc.)

The Show: Roswell

The Duet: Liz Parker & Max Evans

The Actors: Shiri Appleby & Jason Behr

Why Them? Who could resist an out-of this world Romeo and Juliet?