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Transcript of Bill/Nick behind the scenes footage

Thanks to AshBaby for transcribing this.

Transcript of the Bill/Nick behind the scenes footage (This is for those who can’t view the file!)

Nick singing “Ball and Chain” by They Might Be Giants: “I lost my lucky ball and chain, now she’s four years gone…..just five feet tall and sick of me..And all my lalala….” (Thanks to MichaelsAngel who recognised the song!)

Bill opens his eyes wide and shows the camera a weird ‘what the hell is he singing’ face.

Nick: I *don’t know* that one.

Bill: I’m sure it’s a *very* nice song! Is that like Ike and Tina Turner??

Bill starts to sing and grooves in his chair: “I need love love love to ease my mind, I need time time ..someone to call my..
My Mama said.. you can’t hurry love.. no…..you just have to wait….”

Nick tries to continue humming the tune…and both giggle..

Then Bill puts on a sudden mock serious face.

Bill: “Boy do we have a lotta time on our hands… (interview laughs) *whistles*….. when’s lunch?”

Cut to a scene of Bill with his arms on top of his head, flexing his left and right biceps …and then grinning at the camera

Bill: Some secret about Nick??

Interviewer: Yeah some secret that he doesn’t want anybody to know.

(Nick bends over to whisper in Bill’s ear)

Nick: That’ll be great. Some secret that he doesn’t want anybody to know

(Nick bends over to whisper to Bill again)

Bill: c’mon tell me… I won’t tell anybody. Honest!

(Nick whisper to Bill’s yet again)

Bill: Ok. No, I won’t tell. I won’t tell. (whispers conspiratorially to camera) He has 6 toes…. *winks at camera*

Nick: WHAT?! Stop!! I told you!!

Bill sings again: “I need love love love to ease my mind…”

Nick: Like that’s not really an embarassing secret…

Bill: No.

Nick pretends to whisper to Bill: I’m the greatest guy in the world but don’t tell anyone…

Bill: Okay…hahaha .. (Nick laughs too) is it ok with you if I *don’t* ??

Bill tinkles “You Like Me Too Much” by the Beatles on the piano (thanks to ILVtheFAB4 for this information) while Jason and Katie look on.

Bill starts to sing: Though you’re gone away this morning … you’ll be back again tonight … telling me there’ll be no next time ….if I just don’t treat you right ..

Katie moves away, back to the camera. And Jason stretches out his arms above his head and grins… showing a bit of his belly…

Interviewer: Say goodbye, Bill

Bill: Goodbye.. I have to run home and pray for the Democrats…. (winces and shows fists in a kind of victory gesture)