Various Magazine Updates

Thanks to eM for this:

Just wanted to let you know that:

Katherine Heigl is on pg 50 of TV HIts this month. Just mentions that she’s
been on many magazine covers.

There’s a Bren pic (check it out at http://www.geocities.com/ozwellian)and
also there is a little bit about Roswell coming back with a short spoiler.

In the TV Hits Diary of 2001 Bren is the scorpio star!! He’s b’day is
mentioned, however Jason’s is not :(

Thanks to Sydney for this:

I just got my Faithful old TWIST in the mail and there are some Roswell tid bits, I was too excited!!—On pg. 18 under
“Cupid’s got ’em Loopy” there is a cute little pic of Maj and Bren and
she is wearing the infamous “I love you Mom” tee. They have little word
bubbles that say, “I can’t bring this one anywhere!” and then from her,
“What can i say— I stick out in a crowd!”

Then on pg. 33 there is a pic of Brendan under the heading “When
stars fall–In love” and he talks about how personality is more
important and it is what keeps the relationship going, not whether they
were cute or not.

Thanks to LP_AH for this:

Feb 01 issue SFX magazine (no.74) covers an interview with Ron Moore –
“MOORE THE MERRIER”. He discusses his first impressions of the show,
comparisons to other teen shows, and the direction it’s going in now as well
as his previous works. There is also some spoilerish info for UK viewers on
season 2.

I’ve seen more reviews (for recent UK eps) in TN ZONE Jan 01 (no. 134).

CULT TIMES Jan 01 (no. 64) has a 4-page article on JB by Ian Spelling –
“EVANS ABOVE”. Jason talks about the differences in 1st/2nd season and his
fave ep EOTW, as well as how surprised he was to learn Isabel/Vilandra would
be the traitor in her past life. There’s also a small reassuring note from
Ron Moore telling viewers not to expect the series to go off into outer

And there are more reviews however, Roswell is not mentioned in the ratings
war section like it usually is (so not sure what to make of this?).

: I don’t think anyone noticed gorgeous JB interview + poster/pic featured
for the first time in Dec issue of LIVE & KICKING (no.87), which is a BBC
tie-in mag to their live Sat TV morning show. “GRIN & BEHR IT” – this asked
him all the usual questions eg. where he grew up etc and he avoided to
answer ones like ‘If he could be a girl for the day – what would he do?’