A Roswell Christmas Carol, commentary transcript

Thanks to Paula for this:

I obviously have too much time on my hands. Some might have seen this already and some probably not, so for those who haven’t, here is the transcript of Jason Behr and Jason Katims, on A Roswell Christmas Carol. Enjoy.

Katims: It is a very, very simple… simple story. It’s, in a way, much simpler than a lot of the stories we tell on Roswell. Alot of times we see on television they promo episodes…saying “a very special episode of” and I never knew what that meant.

Jason: A very special Roswell, kind of chuckling.

Katims: Ya, I never knew what that meant. I liked the fact that it’s a story about helping somebody else and it has nothing to do with protecting their own asses (I believe he said that, if not, sorry.) as aliens. I liked the fact that it’s about Max being confronted with this moral dilemma

Jason: The idea of God and science and how, they don’t really necessarily blend very well. I think , um, when Max says that he doesn’t believe in God, I don’t think he says that to be a blatant atheist or just to be a slap in the face for religion, it’s just for himself because of who he is and what he is. I think that he has so many more questions, than he has answers.

Katims: I almost think too that he wishes he did believe. I think you’re right, it’s his perspective on it.

Jason: I think it also asks the question of, if you can just suspend your disbelief for just a moment. For those just watching the show. Some of who suspend their disbelief’s for quite awhile. (they both chuckle) But, um, the idea of someone having this gift, this awesome power, to heal people. Who chooses who lives and who dies, and how do you actually make that choice? Are you disrupting some sort of grand scheme, some master plan, that someone has out there or have you become part of the plan despite yourself? It’s just a, it’s a powerful notion I think, and this huge responsibility of who are you to decide of who lives and who stays? And how do you go about making those decisions? You can shy away from it and act like it is not there, but, yet, you know obviously the guilt will come get you.

Part II

Interviewer: How do each perceive the ending when Max takes Liz’s hand?

Katims: You know, that moment to me seems like a transedant moment, it’s the gift he gives her, it’s him thanking her for being there for him, being a friend, and it’s not a moment about them getting back together as boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s beyond that.

Jason: I thought it was, ah, the cue for the snow to fall. (Makes a cute hand gesture, both laugh.)
I see my line, “I believe in you”, then the snow falls. That’s what I thought.

Katims: Right. (They both chuckle again).

Jason: I don’t understand that. (smiling and laughing) Umm, I was reading the script and reading, and, “snow in Roswell”, yes, okay. (joking and laughing, very cute!) Um, no I thought that I thought, that moment was so much more about the evolution of Max’s character of his relationship to Liz and the relationship to his family and it was so much more than just saying, “You know, ya, we’re back together now, I believe in you”, lets live happily ever after, it’s more about “without you I couldn’t become the person that I am now.” And I think, that, throughout the season, no matter what has happened, good or bad, it’s made these people who they are. I think that it’s the way with life in general, that the choices that we make in our lives and the people that we know, help us in one way or another be the people that we are. And I think in that moment he was just, sort of, thanking her for helping him to open up his eyes to it, to, a completely different world.

Katims: Right, I mean it’s funny that you’re saying that because he’s able to go to her even with everything they have been through….some…..

Jason: He need some, sort of sane voice, some sort of reasoning and I think that the person that he trusts the most is Liz, with.. who knows him better than, I think, than anybody. But I think more than anything, was just about being human and being mature and being alive.

Katims nods his head in agreement. And that is where it ends. Here is the link if you would like to check it out yourself, obviously, I didn’t get to type down everything that was said. It was really nice though, watching JB and JK commerce in that fashion, they obviously have a lot of respect for each other, but also, feel that they can freely joke around with each other. Go see it yourself, you will need Quicktime 4.0, I believe.