Dido Talks ‘Roswell’ And Other Updates

Thanks to CMG8040 for this:

This morning (2/21/01) on Z100, a New York rafio station they had an
interview with Dido and they asked if she has ever watched Roswell because
her song is the theme song. She said she’s seen it a few times, but she
doesn’t watch a lot of TV. If she were to watch a lot of TV though it would
be the kind of show she’d watch. She also said the only TV show she is very
loyal to is “The Sopranos.” Also the DJs were making fun of her heavy
accent. (It was a pre-recorded interview)

Thanks to BeavisAmI for this:

On New York’s Radio Station Z100, they recently had a small interview with
Dido. The interviewer said,
I : “We all know that your first song is used in Roswell, do you like the
Dido: “It’s a great show and it’s probably something I would watch as a
series but I don’t see it often. I like it though, it’s culty.”
I: “What’s a show you have to watch when you turn on a TV, something you
watch religiously?”
D: “I would say The Sopranos. I love Tony Soprano.” (laughs)

Thanks to Heather for this:

I was watching MTV and they have commercial about Dido. It talks about how over 2 million people have “taken her lyrics to heart” and it shows clips of her “Here With Me” and “Thank You” videos.

Thanks to Alistar for this:

Dido’s Here with me is number 4 in the UK charts and will be performing it
on Top of the Pops. Her Album is Number 1. In New Zealand Her Single
Thankyou is number 3 and so is her album.