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KC Star FYI – Nick Wechsler

Thanks to Annie for this:

On stargazers Nick Wechslers was on KC Star FYI and there a picture from
without. On the buttom of the first pages of FYI.

“Roswell” star Nick Wechslers is slowly getting used to one side of fame.
Occasionally he recently told The Associated Press, one or two people
recognize him. “I�m not really looking forward to it becoming an issue,” he
said. “There are probably a lot of people who like that kind of stuff. But I
don�t. I haven�t gotten anybody who is crazy enough to confuse me with my
character yet. I�m a little afraid of that. I try to accommodate people as
much as I can. Handshake. Hug. Whatever they ask for. A couple of times,
they�ve asked for an autograph. I don�t think of myself like that. So when
people ask, it�s kind of a strange feeling. I�m like, “Who me?”