Miko Hughes in March Teen Celebrity

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“Teen Celebrity” March 2001, p. 68

On the Brink: Quick Q&A’s with six soon-to-be superstars
by Amanda K. Berke and Kelly Bryant

photo (Nicholas interrogating Max from “Wipeout”): “Miko is an incredible addition to the cast of ‘Roswell.’


Miko Hughes is no newcomer to Hollywood, having been an actor for the past 12 years. Knowing this, you’d think he would have to be well into his twenties, but no. Miko is only 14 years old. Well-known for his role as Aaron on ABC’s “Full House” and praised for his portrayal of Simon, an autistic child in the film “Mercury Rising,” this young actor has one impressive resume. Recently, Miko joined the cast of “Roswell,” playing an evil alien leader, Nicholas. TC chatted with the actor about his present job and famous former co-stars.

You’ve been acting for a long time. What made you decide it was something you wanted to pursue and stick with?

Well I was two when I started so I wasn’t really that conscious of it at the time. I don’t know, it’s just always been a part of my life. My parents say at any time if I want to quit, just say that’s it and I can quit. I love it now that I’m older.

Tell us about your character on “Roswell.”

I play the evil alien leader, Nicholas. In the beginning of the season they kind of set it up where their protector died and his dying words were “They’re out there now – the Skins.” And so then later I come into play and I’m the leader of all these aliens who have been on Earth hunting the royal four, which are the stars of the show. I’m actually over 50 years old in a teenager’s body.

Who have you worked with that you feel you’ve learned from the most?

Tom Hanks was really cool and actually his son is working on this, on “Roswell.” And it was only a small role that I had in “Apollo 13,” which I worked on with him, but when I did talk to him he was amazing. And Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis – they were really nice and I picked up a few things from them.

If you could go back in time and play a role from any movie from the past, which one would it be?

“Sleepy Hollow” would have been cool. I remember I tried out for that but I was too young. But that would have been cool because Johnny Depp was in that. And that was a really cool movie. I don’t think they had a role for a kid in it but “The Matrix” would have been pretty sweet.